Driven11 wants you to capture your everyday moments.  Moments which were created for you to shine truth through your daily interactions.  It is all about inspiring action in the so called ordinary people of this world. This mission began through the use of inspirational music, story telling and speaking events.  

 However Driven11 quickly grew beyond this original platform.  

Driven11’s new role is to provide boots on the ground support for those who want to learn how to capture the everyday.  Driven11 delivers coaching, logistics, customer and sales training for struggling companies. Making use of proven and honest approaches to doing business.  We also serve new artists and touring indie artists.  Everything from how to schedule new events as well as developing both the onstage / off stage experience to help them clearly deliver their message in a world of noise. 

We have seen how a hands on approach reignites peoples passion to serve their realm of influence and world missions.  Instilling a long lasting impact in the communities and industries they care about.