Sochi 2014
The Olympics are always amazing.   Years of preparation and training at its best and unlike the Super Bowl everyone in America is routing for the same team. Now tonight we just finished watching Speed Skating.  This is a sport that judging by the sizes of their legs you must apparently be able to squat an Elephant while standing on Knives.  In today’s race the Dutch Team swept the Bronze, Silver and Gold.  The craziest thing is the margin at which Gold and Silver was determined.  Michel Mulder beat out Jan Smeekens by .012 of a second.  Another way of saying it is only 1.2 Centiseconds.

To give you some perspective the Human Eye blinks at about a speed of 350 Milliseconds.   This means that you would not have the ability to even blink your eyes once to notice that time difference.  How can one even train for these crazy margins?  If one fraction of a mistake is made, boom you are out of the running, you are out of the race.  It does not matter how many years you have trained, how much your mom has supported you or the sponsors you have.  One mistake, just one and you are out and no one remembers your name

I could not help but think about the race we run in life.   We go through trials, and get stronger.  We season another tragedy, we get stronger.  We have small and big wins throughout the race but at the end the biggest race is still lost.  Yes…we die, the race ends and no matter how hard you try…you lose the race and there is nothing you can do about it because none of us are perfect.  One sin separates us from God.  Romans 3:25 is very clear that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

So why even try, why even bother racing if we are going to lose anyway?  I mean one mistake, one sin and we are separated from God and we lose the race.  Well good news….your running the wrong race.

Acts 20:24 say this ”I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me – the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace”

Jesus has already won the race of salvation and conquered death for all of us. He has already won the battle over our sins past and present.  Trying to do enough good in your life to counter the past is like running with horses….but that is not your race to run it is HIS and it is won.  Even more so there is nothing….Nothing in your past that can ever be made clean by your good deeds only by his love and sacrifice.

So during this Olympic season remember to run the correct race and that is the task to testify the good news of God’s grace to everyone who will hear it.  Much like the Olympics, everyone in heaven is rooting for you and God will never forget your name!

One thought on “Are You Running the Wrong Race

  1. Great analogy! Note: .012 seconds is only 1.2 centiseconds or 12 milliseconds which only strengthens your argument. Run the race to win the crown. Amen

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