Hello everybody!  Thanks for following Driven, a band created to celebrate a life of faith.  This next Blog Series is titled “Love and Asking the Right Questions”.  This will be our first 3 part series and we encourage all of you to post your comments and thoughts as we go through it together.

SickPart 1 of 3 – Love and Asking the Right Questions

I woke up two weeks ago and jumped right out of bed.  I was full of energy and ready to go.  Since I was feeling exceptionally healthy I decided to visit the doctor’s office.  I find that going to the doctor when I am healthy is the best way to stay healthy.  Besides I rarely get sick, because of my strong immune system. The cool part is I’m not the only one that visits the Doctor when they are well.  So I never have to worry about getting sick when I visit because everyone that is a member of my Physician’s office comes healthy.

You may not know this, but the best thing about going to the MY Doctors office is they are never busy.  Since no one is ever sick at the doctor’s office, all of the staff here are readily available to answer questions and talk about all the unhealthy people that don’t come to this Doctor’s office.  The Doctor is always available as well to chat over coffee because everyone is doing well, everyone is in perfect health.   Actually if someone does come in sick, we just look at them funny and never let them get close cause I don’t want to get sick.  It is so important that we do everything we can to make them feel extremely uncomfortable and leave. I mean clearly they don’t understand that our Doctors office is only for the healthy and if we let them in…they may infect the rest of us.  “Come back when the cold goes away please” we say.

Does this sound like your Doctor’s office?  If it does…it’s time for a new physician.

We all know that we only go to the Doctor’s when we are sick and to no surprise everyone in the waiting room is sick as well, it’s expected.  Everyone has something different going on, from a minor cold, heart problems, drug dependencies and more.  Sure we know going to the Doctors office does put us in contact with lots of germs we may not want but we go none the less.  As of a result of all the needs the staff is slammed, busy processing paper work and doing all they can to meet the needs of their members who they truly care for.  You can tell they are stressed and have limited resources/time available to them.

I wanted to paint this very basic picture for our readers as we go through this 3 part series.  The picture is that a Doctor’s office is for the sick, that’s why we go.  The staff is always very busy meeting the peoples needs and the Doctor’s time is very limited.  Top it off…when we attend the doctor’s office we understand that there will be other sick people at the Doctors that have problems many of which are very different than yours.  Some times worse then you, sometimes better.  We all accept this.  So why do we insist the opposite should be true in our churches…. and don’t pretend like you don’t.  This goes for believers and no believers alike.

Mark 2:17 say this “Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.  I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

What does this mean, what’s the point? To find out stay tuned for part two of this blog series?

Please leave your comments and thoughts as we travel through this 3 part series together.

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