Let’s continue our 3 part series titled:   Love and Asking the Right Questions

We left off yesterday with Mark 2:17  

“Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.  I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

Crazy_clockWhat does this mean, what’s the point?  It means that everyone in a church is a sinner and falls short of perfection so it is expected to see God working in a church of sinners; but when someone falters in the church or is “never” available to talk about OUR problems, we immediate look at them funny or treat them with little to no grace.  This continues until someone leaves or loses faith in that church body.  The other classic “Christian Move” is to ignore a person all together who has offended you because…you know…that’s the best way to mend a relationship right?  Better yet…we make the comment that “I don’t go to church because everyone is a hypocrite”.  That’s like saying “I don’t go to the doctors because of all the sick people”.

My personal favorite is when you have a pastor who oversees a church of 200+ members.  At some point you will hear “The Pastor never has time for me or anyone from what I see. He does not care at all”.  Okay, first…how many times have we told some one….”oh I am just SOOOO busy and can’t help right now” and expect that person to understand our plight but when it comes to the Pastor…oh no he must make the time.

For a moment let’s have a little fun and do the math of the day of a pastor… 8 hours of sleep, 2 hours of travel a day, 2 hours preparing the sermon, 1 hour reading the Bible, 1+ hours praying seeking Gods guidance, 2-3 hours preparing/eating food and maybe, just maybe 2 hours with family each day.  That is 19 hours of filled time with only 5 hours to help direct ministries, develop leadership and more in a day.   A normal Pastor gets to take only one day off a week for rest (Most of us get two) and he has Sunday for giving sermons, prep and counseling.  Don’t forget that someone is always passing away or getting married or needing major counseling. Those types of life events can eat up tons of valuable time.

So let’s assume after all of this that a Pastor actually has 30 available hours for one on one time throughout the month for members. 200 people divided by 30 hours. That is 9 minutes for each person in the church a month if everything was perfectly planned, all schedules meet up and it does not include any travel to meet each of these members. Please correct the math if it’s wrong, but you get the point. There simply is not enough time in the day to meet every need.

Still what’s the point you ask?  The point is…let’s show some grace people!…. the same Grace God has given us.  Don’t miss understand the message, we are not talking about accepting and advocating a clear sin going on.  We are talking about the realty that we all fall short of the glory of God and we all have short comings that at times will appear at first glance to be hypocritical.  Don’t forget, we all need a healer…that’s why we are here…even the Pastor.  If you are in a church body that has “No Sin” and “No Struggle”…please reveal what Vortex of a triple black hole dimension it is located in since such a church would be as rare as a hospital with no sick people.

So how does one grow when there is so much “sickness” and “Lack of time” in a church?   How does one get the support and guidance needed when leadership and Pastors are not readily available?    The answer is Love and asking the right questions.

What does Scripture say about Love?  What are the right questions to ask?  Stay tuned for the third and final part of the series to find out.

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