Hello everyone.  It has been some time since our last post and for good reason.   DRIVEN is booked for most of our available dates of The Great Commission Tour, Spring 2014.   We still have a few slots in late May and very early June available for booking, but check this out.  There is another Tour Coming in June 2014 and its called the EXTREME TOUR.   The EXTREME TOUR mission is all about reaching the lost, loving up on people and then getting our new friends connected with our local body of believers just like you. The cool part is they use Music and Extreme Sports as the medium to connect, so COOL!   The EXTREME TOUR is exactly the type of Mission that can positively impact our local communities.

You may not realize this, but the Capital Area NY is the Number 1 “Post-Christian” City in the country.  This part of the country needs more healing than most and its time to make a positive change.  DRIVEN is supporting THE EXTREME TOUR and we want to bring the tour to the Capital Area for the Month of June 2014, but we need your help.  We need churches like yours that can partner with DRIVEN and the EXTREME TOUR to bring them to the Capital Region and as many of the surrounding cities.  We always say we want to make an impact, reach the lost and make a change. What better way then connecting the lost with our local Church Families through Music and Extreme Sports.

Contact the EXTREME TOUR or DRIVEN today by following one of the links below.  Together with all our church bodies we will positively impact the Capital Region!



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