Woweeee! Driven has finished the The Great Commission Tour in the Northeast. What a time. During the tour we were able to visit many of our friends that have supported the DRIVEN ministry for so many years. We saw old faces and lots of new face. We had a very memorable time and hope you did to. Thank you does not say enough.

So what’s next? Something….Extreme????

We are officially announcing that DRIVEN is on the EXTREME TOUR – East Coast 2014 now until October 2014.   What is the Extreme tour?

The Extreme Tour began as a grassroots project of “The Extreme”; a cultural outreach project started by Ted Bruun in 1994. The purpose of The Extreme Tour is to use Extreme Sports and Music Events, held in communities to reach at-risk and counter culture youth with services and resources that would assist them in making positive, as well as healthy decisions for a successful life. The Extreme Tour events are Extreme Sports and Music Events aimed at a mainstream market, and held in mainstream venues and settings. Over the past 20 years, the Extreme Tour has grown exponentially, moving far beyond the rural Idaho communities now visiting over 100 communities each year in the United States and is reaching out internationally as well.

DRIVEN visited the EXTREME TEAM during the OBJECTIVE in Nashville a few weeks back. What we discovered was a movement. Yes a movement of Godly men and woman music warriors reclaiming each city for Christ.  This is not just a one night concert in a city….oh no.   This is a two day event where we “Invade” the communities in need the night before, love the people there, sharing Gods unending love and then celebrating that the next day with Music and Extreme Sports. Then we connect them with the local bodies of Christ directly to continue their new walk of faith in Christ.   My Gosh its Awesome and we were able to catch a glimpse of this during our 4 days in Nashville.

So what now? Driven is officially Musicianaries for the next 4 months utilizing music, teaching and the sound equipment donated over the years to support the entire east coast tour team.   Will it be hard….yes.   Will we miss our families….oh boy yes.   We will need the support of our fan base to lay down a Road of prayer for safety and support…you betcha. Will it be worth it….no doubt.

Continue to follow us on Facebook as we travel over 8000 miles throughout the Eastern United States spreading the Gospel to those who have not heard it…yes even in the US there is a great need. What a blessing to be used for Gods purpose…….for his Glory not our own.

We will make every effort to keep up pictures and stories of lives changed on Facebook. Keep checking in and don’t miss a thing.





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