Argue with God today

Wonderful conversations were had at the Bridge Church in Schenectady today.   One woman this morning was telling us that when she receives a word from God, she never questions the directive ever and goes with it with unfailing faith.

I think the exact statement was, “I may not understand, but I do it and never question it cause’ it’s from God”.

This statement seemed okay at first but I was compelled to disagree with what she just said.   While that sort of faith is awesome the latter part of it I believe leaves us stagnant in our growth and our ability to ministry to others. Being obedient is surely what we should do initially. When we are called to GO and move in a new direction, for sure…faith leads the way.

However, in scripture I find that it is ok to ask WHY during and after we have set the wheels in motion of faith. If we don’t ask WHY we can become frustrated, angry, bitter, and quite possibly destroy the great blessings that are going to be poured out.   We may also become burned out so to speak on a ministry. We then find ourselves walking in faith yet are mumbling to our friends on the side that the situation is SOOO BAD. ”But it’s for the Lord” we say with undertones of sarcasm. Yeah…who would be motivated to attend that guys church right?

Discussion the outcome, purpose or the difficulty you are going through is different than disobedience. Keep moving forward and be obedient but it is ok to ask for clarity and WHY. For those out there thinking…well ….argue with GOD that sounds foolish. Surly you have read that those who argued with God, even if they were men/women of GOD only receive a partial blessing. To that I say, Yes the better way thing to say is “have a discussion” with God in prayer rather than argue, but it did get your attention.   The point is this, it is always valuable to gain a solid understanding of WHY. WHY will give you a deeper understand of Gods will in your life? Knowing why will allow you to pour into others and will better equip you for God’s blessings in your life?

The Book of Job is a great example of this. Job lost everything for what frankly seemed like a bet from Satan at the time. Through it all he questioned Gods motives but stayed faithful to God. In the end he gained full clarity through his constant pursuit of Gods plan and purpose for his life and ultimately received greater blessings then before.

Does something seem unfair? Are you feeling like your circumstance is not right? Then today, right now you need to have a discussion with God on WHY. It’s called it prayer, reading the word and fellowship with fellow believers.

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