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Pelican Canoe

Did you know that you can rent an Island in Lake George, NY? 4 days, only 60 dollars, I know right! You get your own private Island for 4 days and guess what…no cell service. My brother and I could not resist. We planned the trip for months and then the day came. We packed up the canoe and paddled about 3.5 miles to the ranger station to check in. At the station the ranger asked us what kind of boat we had. We said a 15 foot canoe. At this he paused and said… “You don’t have a motor boat? I better hurry up then, a storm is coming in and you have another mile to the island. You guys going to be alright”?  The above canoe is the actual one we used that weekend.

Apparently taking a canoe in this far was not normal but we figure…that’s right.. we are adventurers, we got this. Soon after leaving the ranger station we arrived at the island, set up camp and ate what little food we had. You see we only brought enough food for one day. We were determined to catch fish each day. If we did not, well God must want us to fast, at least that was the thought.

We had a blast swimming, exploring the lake, fishing and fellowship; and yes we had a fish for every meal during the trip. However as the end of day 2 approached the “Storm” the ranger was talking about was now in full force. Winds were high so we had to weigh down the tent so it would not blow away. The wind was not an issue yet. The rain though was so intense that water was coming in sideways filling the tent.

No one slept well that night. My brother and I were soaked and the waves crashing on the shore was more than we could ignore.   The next morning (Day 3) the rain did break from time to time throughout the day. It was just enough allowing us to dry off all the soaked gear.   Our gear was no longer dripping wet, just very damp. We were doing our best to prepare for another stormy night ahead, securing everything down. It was pointless. The rain and wind came in with even greater force this night. Needless to say we had another night of limited sleep and all our gear was once again soaked.

This may sound like a nightmare to most but we were having a great time. Feeling like true outdoorsman, against the elements two brothers were surviving on fish and water. Here is the realty though and the point of part 1 of this series.   My brother and I caused our own adventure. We knew weather was coming in days before by watching the weather channel. We also knew that we did not bring enough food to eat. Even the ranger gave us a very clear warning saying a big storm was coming in.

Will Robinson’s robot was saying “Danger, Danger” but we went ahead anyway. How often do we do this in our own lives? The warning signs are there and God is saying, no no no, don’t touch…that’s a hot surface. Yet we just ignore it and place our hand directly on the stove top.   This is usually followed by “God why did you burn my hand”? Then we soak in our own self-pity blaming God for what happened.

Let’s assume for a moment I did not want to be soaked all weekend. Would it have been fair of me to complain to everyone that the weekend was horrible because it rained and we got soaked? We also only ate fish cause we ran out of food. Of course this would be ridiculous. We had plenty of room to pack more food. I could have easily scheduled another time for the trip way before we got in the canoe. I could have turned around while at the ranger station or I could have packed up earlier in the morning on day two before the big storm really hit.  The signs and opportunities to course correct were everywhere.

A good Friend of mine from NY once said to me, “Dominick…People do, what people want to do”. You see If you find yourself in a storm, chances are you ignored the signs and quite possibly planned it that way. This is also known as a self-fulfilling prophecy.   Are you a victim of a self-fulfilling prophecy? If so what can you do today to shape your future to one that aligns more with God’s will in your life. Because the realty is…People do what people want to do.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this 3 part adventure series” titled “If you are perfect, then who gets the glory”?

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