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On Solid Ground and after a brief rest we began preparing for a hike instead of a canoe trip. Loading as much in our back packs as possible we laid the rest of the gear in the canoe. We each grabbed an end of the canoe and began the hike south along the shore toward or destination.   Our guide was the water and the decision was made to stay close to the shore.   Being in the thick of the woods we would be hiking through uncut wilderness. No path, lots of fallen trees in the way and a few gorges to jump is what was in store for next part of this journey.

The first half mile was nothing but a disaster. So exhausted from the paddling and now carrying a canoe with more weight than one should carry. Again though, being a “Strong willed” individual I was sure we could do it if we just put our mind to it. This did not work out to well. We had to put the canoe down each minute to take a break. It was becoming more and more apparent that bringing the canoe was not practical.   Again I was faced with a decision. However this was slightly different than before. Before I had to make a decision to change direction and not fight the waves. This would allow me to be on solid ground so that I could once again make forward progress. This obstacle had a new element. Forward progress would still happen just at a very, very slow and exhausting rate. The longer we held unto everything we had, the worse it got.

Realty hit me. We had to leave my precious gear and canoe behind. We could not keep going like this. If we keep all that stuff, it would have taken us a full day if not longer to hike out 3+ miles through the thick of the wilderness.   Leaving the gear was a tough choice to make. I invested so much into the boat, paddles, gear, tents, etc. I would be losing so much I thought. Regardless we dropped the boat and gear that was longer needed for this part of the trip.

Good thing to. During our trip we had to climb a small mountain side. Not quite rock climbing but surely not a hike. One false move and we would have been rolling down a 100 ft cliff into the rocky cold water below and remember, no cell phone service to call for help.   There were also gorges that would have been impossible to cross with a canoe. The situation would force us to hike due east several miles. Thus pulling us father away from our course, father from our guide the shore line and slowing down progress even more.

At the time there was no way I could have known dropping my baggage early on would make such a large impact in our forward progress later on. This is the point.

Are you holding on to your baggage? We all have it and it takes the form of bad relationships we hold dear, past regrets you will refuse to forgive yourself for, material items, a grudge against a family member, friend or coworker. This list goes on and on. So much value is put into these possessions and thoughts. The realty is all those past anchors are weighing you down and holding you back. Sure you can grasp that burden with both hands and still make forward progress but you will find your life will be harder and less fulfilling. You may never fully reach the potential and blessings God has in store for you. Blessings that far outweigh the value of what you are holding onto right now.

Today, release the baggage. Forgive someone today, forgive yourself today….this Christmas call that family member and say I love you with no thought as to what emotional return you may get.  When you do, the anchor of the past will begin to lift. You will begin to speed through the wilderness of your life and you can then you can begin scaling mountains and bounding over gorges with ease.

What does this entire story have to do with the title of this 3 part serious? Here it is.

We are on an adventure designed by the great architect of the Universe. Our adventure is full of decisions, mistakes and broken moments. With the right perspective it is actually a lot of fun just like the adventure I had with my brother in the Adirondacks.

God our father desires great adventures for us just like we desire great moments for our children. When our children make a good choice or enjoy the life we help them build we rejoice. It is all designed so that we may have a greater relationship with him. The realty we live in today is full of mistakes and failures. If we were perfect we would not be dependent on his love.  When we direct our adventure, it becomes exasperating. However through those flaws God gets to shine, teach and direct our adventure. He gets the Glory. When we finally release ourselves to his will, his grace…it is then we are made strong and our adventure takes flight.

In closing, the only thing we have to do is Choose, His path or ours? The rest is an adventure designed by the best playground maker ever, so go grab a paddle.

Leave your comments below or let us know what you will drop in the wilderness today!

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