2015-01-16 11.05.14

Official Announcement – The DRIVEN 11 Debut PRO EP will be released in March 2015.   Lots of time in the studio recording and writing all to bring you the best EP possible… we even brought in some big guns.

Mix Mastering by Marcelo Pennell (Toby Mac, Straight No Chaser and even the Back Street Boys)
Drums by Ricky Free (Leann Rimes, Mathew West and more)
Joel Rousseau Guitar ( Lead Guitarist for the Andy Needham Band)
Production and Co Writing from Lift Music (Dove award winning song writing, Audio A production, Unspoken and more)

Yeah….its gonna be that kind of awesome.

This is just a small sampling of the talent and support that is being poured into Driven 11’s Debut EP.  We will begin our release tour in NY and we are taking requests from venues across the eastcoast for the rest of 2015.  If your band, church or venue wants Driven 11 to perform in your city this year, then hit us up before its to late.


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