A.C.T. Intl is a Ministry to and for artistic & innovative ministries and missionaries doing Christian work around the world.  A.C.T. exist to address three serious problems facing the Church today:

* First, today’s cultures listens better to artists than to preachers.

* Second, there are few places that integrate innovative and artistic ministry people and projects.

* Third, the Church is losing the assets of some of Her most powerful and effective servants.

They are helping the Church embrace artists and the arts for Christ’s work worldwide; and they are the apparent largest ministry in the world focusing on this task.

Artists in Christian Testimony Intl’s ultimate objective is to see people around the world—as they come to Christ—worship God and express their faith in their own language and cultural style, while mobilizing and training church and mission leaders to more effectively worship and communicate the Gospel through music and the arts.

Your generous donation or sponsorship of Driven 11 (503 Status) not only continues our mission but also the mission of hundreds of other musicianaries across the globe spread the message of Christ.


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