Actions speak louder than words.

It’s been said that many have never heard of Jesus even in the United States.  I disagree with this completely.  I have yet to meet someone in this country that has not heard His name.  Even more, just the name creates an emotional response or silence from anyone.  It brings joy, anger or makes the room very uncomfortable at the least.  There is power in the name Jesus.

However what I find is that people have not heard about grace, love, forgiveness and acceptance through Jesus.  Most people hear Jesus and have a preconceived idea of stuffy church goers, unattainable perfection, condemnation and overall turned off by the idea because of Human actions.

Instead of telling someone they need Jesus (all be it true), instead love them and demonstrate Christ’s forgiveness and acceptance first.  Don’t shove the dove…be the dove, be the Gospel and demonstrate through your Actions who Jesus is.  This will always invoke the natural question…why are you so kind?   It’s then the name of Jesus will be seen as love and not condemnation.  It’s then that hearts open to the Gospel.


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