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Shocking News from behind the scenes of so called Christian Music – Part One

This week was another Eye Opening experience about so called “Christian Music”.   In this Blog you will hear all the behind the scene events that happen when no one is looking.  The things most of us don’t talk about.  All the crazy stuff most in the world don’t want you to know but should.  I feel it’s important to share this information so as to expose the shocking truth about this industry.

My week started out with a training conference named Immerse at Lifeway Resources in Nashville. I was greeted with smiles and very helpful people who gave me a colorful packet and shuffled me off to the main auditorium. Here we began the day with prayer, a very powerful worship experience and an inspired Speaker.  Then the classes began with everything from What is Worship, What the Bible Says About Worship Leading, Worship vs Performance, Etc.   All designed to help us understand and improve upon our lives and craft. For all purposes it was a very insight full and fabulous experience which continued for 3 days. I heard testiomony, music and teaching from people like Kari Jobe, Sanctus Real, Unspoken, Jimmy Needham, Tom Jackson, Colton Dixon, Chris August, CMG, BMI, Nik Ripken…the list goes on , and on. The Gospel Music Association really pulled out all the stops. I met exsiting friends and even made a few new ones.   Refreshed and chuck full of knowledge I was ready to hit the road with a revived sense of calling but nothing could prepare me for what would happen the days that followed.

I hit the road with my first stop being the largest Christian Festival in Iowa called Bash On The Farm in Forest City. When I arrived I was greated nicely, handed my packet and instructed on what the next two days will bring. 3 Stages and I would be performing on the Main Stage. The same stage that Cloverton, Loft Land and Seventh Day Slumber would be performing on. I thought this was pretty cool as I have never seen them perform live and my Merch Table would be right in line with the Stage. I was not going to miss a thing.   I set up my table and the day began. 100s of people came over to buy CD’s or just say hello. One girl asked me to draw a picture for her, another just wanted to tell me about his truck while other people would just smile, nod and go on there way.  Then it happened and it surprised me as much as anyone.

Stay tuned for part 2

One thought on “Shocking News from behind the scenes of so called “Christian Music” – Part One

  1. Hey Nic, thanks for this email. Can’t wait for part two, but I’m almost afraid to read it. I suspect satan is at work trying to destroy the faithful. He knows his time is short. Thanks for your beautiful music and I will patiently wait your appearance on TBN!! My husband and I got baptized again at a non-denominational church called The Vine, in Troy AL. We love it there. They have a praise and worship band every Sunday and we love it. You can really feel the presence of the Holy Spirit there. I pray for your success and also for your continued journey in faith. I’m proud to call you my cousin.(Well my cousin’s husband). God’s Blessings to you!! 🙂
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