2015-06-19 21.42.44Then it happened and it surprised me as much as anyone.

A women happened by my table and after talking for a bit she asked…could you pray for me and my son? Sure, what’s going on with your son I asked? She begins to tell me her son is in Navy Boot Camp and she just received a letter in the mail that he is having a horrible experience and just hates everything about it. That he feels like a failure and that he made a very big mistake. So we prayed…and during the prayer I revealed that I to went through Navy Boot camp and understood the challenges he may be going through. We prayed that he hear our prayers and that he was given comfort. That he would be filled with Joy as he serves a country and God that loves him. After the prayer she appeared encouraged. We hugged and that was the end of it. I thought what are the chances of the 100’s of people that are here that she would ask me to pray with her? Someone who would be able to relate completely with what was happening. Devine appointment? Maybe and I brushed it aside. but then it happened again.

A man approached me and said…I heard you talking earlier that you sing for churches. Could you come to my church this Sunday? With nothing else planned I agreed and told him to have your pastor contact me and we will see if we can do it. Within 30 minutes I received a phone call from a joyous pastor telling me, we have been praying for someone to connect with this man for years now. He has not been in church for a long time, we miss him and would love to have you. He said this is an answer to our prayers for this young man…ooh and…by the way, could you come early and speak with our teen group for an hour? Again… nothing was planned so I agreed, hung up the phone and thought…well that was pretty neat what are the chances that would happen?

So I’m back to my table speaking with a vendor and we hit it off pretty well. He was fun and happy from all outside appearances. It made the day go by nicely as well as the Rocking Music.   I met a few other people and the day came to a close. Afterwards I invested some time with the other bands, solo artists and stragglers hanging out.  Again everything seemed normal as I headed to the camp grounds, inflated an air mattress in the back of my SUV and dozed off to sleep. All was normal until a loud KABOOM woke me. It was at this moment I realized tomorrow may not be what everyone was expecting or hoped for. What was to transpire in the next few hours and days would demonstrate what really happens behind the scenes of the “Christian Music” world.  To most it will seem unbelievable or you may never look at the Christian Music Industry the same again.

Do you want to know what really happens behind the scenes – stay tuned for the revealing final chapter that you don’t want to miss.

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