ALTARWORK selected Driven 11 as the featured artist this month.  Thank you ALTARWORK for such an uplifting review of my EP “Light of the Future”.  Check out the full article below and visit ALTARWORK to see other great featured artists.


lotfcoverDriven 11
Light Of The Future
2015 / 4 Tracks / 14 minutes
I’ll never understand how certain bands get record deals and others don’t. So many Christian artists and bands rely on self-funding and crowdfunding efforts to be able to record even a single song, and if they are fortunate enough to eclipse the $5,000 mark, they can release an EP like “Light Of The Future” at a modest four tracks. It’s sad, really. The four tracks on “Light Of The Future” are so incredibly strong, so fresh, and so accessible that they only beg for more from founder Dominick Cox. To say this is – or should be – the beginning of a wildly successful career would be a gross understatement.
The four tracks on “Light Of The Future” highlight Driven 11’s diverse rock sound. The opener and title track is straight alternative in the vein of Audio Adrenaline, with a catchy choral chorus and punchy inflections. “Coming Home” is one of the best Christian rock songs of the year, hands down. It starts with acoustic guitars and keys, and builds into a crystal clear wall of sound. If Bob Seger were to release a new song for the open road, it would sound like “Coming Home”. “Passenger” is straight-up alt-rock about giving God control. The chorus is poppy and catchy with crunchy guitars: “I’m giving up my life/ I want You to drive / Oh, I’m just a passenger.” The album rounds out with “Glory To His Name”, a modern worship song meant for stadiums. It has just enough guitar punch to set it apart from the typical modern worship sound, but it doesn’t sacrifice lyrically: “We are made in His image so let’s fight to the finish bringing glory to His name”.
“Light Of The Future” highlights Dominick Cox’s strengths and leaves us wanting more. His vocals are deep and strong. His message clear. His energy contagious. He, like so many others, deserves a record deal so the masses can be influenced by his powerful ministry.
Review by Jason Ramsey

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