Hello Driven 11 family!  It looks like it’s the end of Driven 11 sitting around.  There’s so much going on that I can barely keep up.  This update will get right to the point…bullet point style of what has happened the past 2 weeks, what is coming and other exciting news.  No way could this blog contain everything on the burners.

– Last tour in IA, MN and MO went great.  One stop on the tour was at the Pierced Festival where I saw over 150 people dedicate their lives to Christ for the first time.  So glad I was part of that mission.

– Radio broadcast with 99.3 and http://livefromthepath.org/ went great.  All the hosts were funny and God Driven.  They even filled up my truck with gas and my belly with Gatorade.  Radio Broadcast is tomorrow Saturday on 99.3 The Truth Network.  If you missed it or want to hear/see it before tomorrow you can watch it now below.

– Editing has started for the music video for “Coming Home”.  This is expected to release in August 2015. For a teaser video check it out here.

– Melinda Ebert has joined the Driven 11 team with Booking and Tour management.  She has a huge heart, a professional approach and is a good friend.  She has a degree in Event Planning and Non Profit Business Management as well as booking several successful festivals and tours through “That One Place Entertainment” (TOP).  She is also a key member of the decades long festival Bash on the Farm.

RYFO, a group that provides housing for traveling artists with loving homes across the United States was a huge help on this trip.  Mark opened up his home and shared some of his music with Melinda and I.  Thanks again for giving us rest, food and a place to shower.

– Driven 11 was blessed to receive sponsorship from a loving church body.  This sponsorship will help allow Driven 11 to continue its mission to inspire Faith in Action through out the world utilizing Music, Speaking, Books and much more.   If you would like to support the mission you can.  Driven 11 is a 503(c) Non for Profit and you can support the vision by visiting https://actinternational.org/donate_to_ministry.aspx?min_id=330

–  Lots of show requests are coming in.   Watch for performances near you or if you want Driven 11 to stop in your city….just hit me up at https://driven11.com/booking/

There is so much more going on that I feel like I’m going to burst.  Keep watching and praying for what’s next.

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