2016-01-08 15.42.58DRIVEN11 received an overwhelming response to the question, “Should DRIVEN11 create another CD”?   Well its been decided.  To continue the mission of Inspiring Faith in Action and give our fans what they have requested; solo artist Dominick Cox of DRIVEN11 will begin recording his 3rd CD starting as soon as the spring of 2016.  

FHThank you for believing in the ministry. Through the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ, the DRIVEN11 ministry is watching more and more communities thriving and drawing close to God through a partnership with Food For the Hungry.  This includes a special mission Trip in January to visit many of the Children  and Families sponsored during DRIVEN11 concerts and worship services.  Our fans have amazing hearts!  Also through mentor ship and consulting programs offered by DRIVEN11 the ministry is witnessing stagnate and new believers nation wide put there Faith in Action in practical ways every day.   
Driven 11 Light of the Future EP Dominick Cox

The release of the LIGHT OF THE FUTURE EP in 2015 was a great success.  The popular release was only possible through the prayers and financial generosity of the amazing fans, radio stations, churches, organizations and friends in 2015.  Similarly as before this project will be pursued by Faith knowing that the creator of the Universe will provide the lyrical content and financial resources required to take on such a project.   The Goal of this project is to reach $18,000 in resources to cover the cost of Studio Time, Mix Mastering, CD  Production, Travel, Licensing, Studio Performers, CD Design and more.  When creating music or content intended to edify the one who created us we want to ensure we give it our best.

Make your contribute to this project today while supporting many of the mission of DRIVEN11 by clicking the link below.  All contributions are tax deductible and all online donors between now and the release of the project will receive a copy of the LIGHT OF THE FUTURE EP, NEWEST EP and a copy of PERCEPTION MATTERS authored by Dominick Cox upon the release of the Newest EP as way of saying thank you for all that you do.

Thank you for Inspiring Faith in Action through the DRIVEN11 ministry in 2016!

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