It has been quite the ride the past 3 months.  First and foremost please know that there is a big thank you to everyone that has prayed over the ministry and my family during this time.  Also for all of you that have and still are supporting DRIVEN11 financially with gas cards, donations or booking engagements in your area again … THANK YOU! Truly the ministry could not continue without your Faith in Action.  There has been so much change in our lives and the future of DRIVEN11.   I understand there are lots of questions and confusion the past 3 months.  I hope to answer most of your questions in this latest update.

As many of you already know in 2014 a move was made to Nashville, TN from Upstate NY.  This experience was intended to mold and shape the DRIVEN11 vision of inspiring faith in action.  A tremendous amount of people from GMA, associate artists, mentors, producers, pastors and more have worked diligently to pour into DRIVEN11.   I am very thankful for everyone’s support during this season.  As we all know though, seasons change.  After much consideration the decision was made to bring DRIVEN11 back to the north east.   This is for many reasons including the realty that the north east is the #1 post Christian location in the country.  What better place to inspire faith in action.   As of June 6th 2016 DRIVEN11 is now back in Upstate NY, charged up a ready to hit the deck running.

Exploding with anticipation!  We have everything from new music, more concert engagements, and another addition to the matters series “Training Matters”.  Then there is the launch of the Faith in Action Concert Series August 27th, 2016 at Delmar YMCA in NY.  This is just the start.  Really wish I could share everything with you but here is a sampling.

DRIVEN11 Left Field Dominick Cox EP Pre-Release announcement (3)MUSIC:
you asked, DRIVEN11 answered.  New music is on its way.   This was only made possible through the generosity and financial support of its fans.  The new EP Left Field is set to release the end of 2016 and will include all new songs to tickle your ears and stir the soul.  Pre-orders will begin soon so stay tuned.



This is not just a “concert”.  Each engagement is designed to give new and stagnate believers the encouragement, practical tools and simple opportunities to put their faith in action locally and globally.  First we are bringing in guest speakers such as Pastor Tim Cox Jr. author of the Blueprint Book series to provide practical biblical tools for building your faith and to teach on Gods design for your life.  Then there is an introduction to the free 30 day Faith in Action Challenge which is designed to jump start your prayer life in a simple easy to digest way.  Also you will receive reduced tickets when you bring a donation (food or clothing) for a local faith based charity.   You will also be introduced to opportunities that greatly impact world missions through a small act of faith through Food for the Hungry.  All of this is wrapped around an awesome night of celebration through music, storytelling and worship.    We are really excited about the series and looking forward to its growth and impact locally and throughout the nations.


Thank you again for supporting the DRIVEN11 ministry through prayer, physical contributions and encouragement.

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