The 3 week run with Egypt Speaks and Andrea Pigliavento has come to a close.   It was unforgettable for sure.  Right from the start Egypt’s train to Amsterdam was delayed which cut down our sleep and rehearsal time before tour.    Then we were lost in the back woods country of Upstate NY.  Later in the tour we met up with a tornado that shot hail at the car breaking the windshield, had to drive 48 hours to perform 3 times without sleep and we were met with several herds of deer on each leg of the trip that I’m sure wanted  nothing more than ram into my car again this month.  One engagement the entire sound system sounded like a bad AM radio station forcing a prompt to acoustic set. All this and both Egypt and Andrea had to listen to the ramblings of a crazy person named Dominick.  But I count it all joy for the fruits of this adventure were well worth it.  Here is a small hand full of highlights as we would be here a very long time if we listed them all.

  • Half of the students at one stop made a fully visible display of their desire to follow Christ.  No heads down close your eyes and raise your hand stuff here.  Rather a heads up, I’m not ashamed to love my God type of commitment.
  • Heart felt stories from those who were once in Sex Trafficking, learning about the victories and the impact Christian music has made in their life.
  • New Music a Tobymac and Hollyn mass up – Check it out.
  • Various people at each stop gave their lives to Christ.
  • Times of fellowship before and after events with those struggling with addictions.
  • In a public school the love of Christ was shared and over 30 students admitted themselves to receive help with self harm struggles.
  • Many bible studies with the tour team which allowed us to discover more about ourselves, or weaknesses, our walk with Christ and how we can better serve each other in the moments both during and after tour regardless of those failings.
  • Children from the Village of Apaste Nicaragua were sponsored and their lives will be forever changed.
  • Wonderful host families. With out you this tour would have been a greater challenge.
  • Back stage time at Winter Jam to round out the trip.
  • This is only a portion of what we witnessed and we are still receiving messages of people saying they were inspired by each event and will committee to live their life purposefully for Christ in their everyday moments.
  • Oh yeah we also happened to play some music to.

A big thank you is in order for all the venues, churches, schools, financial supporters, host homes and loving people throughout the United States during this run.    Your prayers and dedication to the ministry of Driven11 to inspire faith in action is extremely appreciated and needed.  The expansion of the Kingdom happens because of your action, prayers and faithfulness to His work.  To God be the Glory.

“Risen King” Music Video from the Driven11 EP Left Field EP drops on Monday 3/20/17 – Stay Tuned
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Watch the TobyMac & Hollyn mash up with
Driven11, Egypt Speaks and Andrea Pigliavento.

2 thoughts on “Behind the Christian Music Scene and what you may rarely hear about

  1. Byron Spradlin here – Dominick, Praying. Wonderful news. Keep moving forward, in HIM.

    Byron Rev. Dr. Byron Spradlin President Artists in Christian Testimony Intl & Canada cell 615-300-3143 email


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