Your Everyday Matters – 
Spot Light on Jaime Leigh Grace

With so much noise around us we often think that we have to do something “big” to be heard or make a difference in this world.   What’s the reality though?   Well I will tell you.  It is our every day that makes a big impact for the Kingdom.   It is the culmination of the small things by each member of the community that matters and fosters positive change.

Take Jaime Leigh Grace for instance.   She is a bubbly spirit that lives in the Adirondacks of New York.  She is the girl next door in every way.  The past several years she has served in a private school mentoring our next generation.   Currently she is a guest coordinator at a lodge in the Adirondacks.   On occasion she serves and hosts community events.  Jaime is also an amazing wife to a very lucky man and together they are building a life together.

At first glance this is the standard American family with normal everyday events, but it is so much more than that.  In class her guidance and kindness have impacted the lives of 100’s of children over the years.  They have learned from her example as a teacher and will apply that spirit to their relationships and vocations across the world.   When she hosts community events like the famous lip sync battles, she was fostering positive relationships and joy in 100’s of people in the area.  I can personally thank her for volunteering at concerts.  Her organization allows our team to focus on engaging people and sharing a message of hope instead of T-shirts and CD’s.  Even as a guest coordinator at the lodge she creates peace of mind for 1000’s of people throughout the year ensuring everything runs smoothly.  I have seen firsthand how her attention to detail creates calmness for others which allow other programs at the lodge to move ahead seamlessly.   Without Jaime though, none of that would be possible.  This is only a taste of the good work that is being done in her everyday.

Did Jaime cure a major disease?  …well no…but I’m sure many of her students will be a part of major influences to our society because of her teachings.   Did she build the lodge, well no … but she ensures it will continue to serve families and groups for years to come.  Jaime strives to make each interaction a special one for those in her realm of influence.   Through shepherding those little everyday moments is when Gods love, patience and sincerity is demonstrated.  That is the point.  It takes every part of the body focusing on their piece to make a real difference in this world.  Serving God in the everyday moments makes a greater transformation in the lives around us than we sometimes realize.  Teacher, guest coordinator or simply being an amazing spouse and friend; Jaime’s life in New York matters and I thank her for putting her faith in action in the every day.

To the reader…you to are wonderfully made and your everyday matters.



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One thought on “Your Everyday Matters

  1. Dominick, Byron Spradlin back – GREAT report. Praying for you !!

    I’m very thankful for and encouraged by what the LORD is doing through you !!

    If you are doing any training classes in your area for artists in ministry, make sure you let us know about it so we can highlight them in our General eNewsletter.

    Praying now —

    Byron Byron Spradlin, President Artists in Christian Testimony Intl & Canada phone 615-300-3143


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