Originally from the Catskills and Adirondacks of New York, Dominick is now a Nashville recording artist.  Music was a big part of his life as a teen, however it took a back burner once he joined the military.  After a successful military tour and working in the civilian world for a time, Dominick felt a calling to lead and inspire others to put their faith in action through the DRIVEN11 ministry and so began the journey.  Even though the medium changes from music, speaking, writing or teaching the mission remains the same.

Helping others grow and than watching those same people positively affecting those around them is what excites Dominick.  His personal mission is to lead and teach those with in his trapezoid of influence so that they can be successful in their relationships, vocation, ministries or personal struggles.  This personal mission has allowed him to be a part of some great ministries and leadership roles.  He is humbled at all the opportunities offered to him through the years and he looks forward to what God has in store for DRIVEN11.

Dominick’s favorite part is telling the story.  He see’s every interaction with the people he meets as a chance to tell the story of WHY we are here through a biblical perspective.  This is more than just singing, speaking and performing.  It is all about encouraging and leading others to a have greater relationship with Christ through the people in their lives.

When Dominick is not wearing his performance hat you will find him working with church leaders, business owners and their teams.  Developing practical solutions to many of the challenges that arise in these vocations and ministries.  Most of all he enjoys investing time with his wife Julie and 3 children.

Dominick has shared audiences with Unspoken, Kutless, Audio Adrenaline, Jason Gray, John Waller, Cloverton, Tyrus Morgan, Clayton Jennings, KJ-52, Dan Mohler and so many more awesome artists and speakers.  It is blessing to serve with so many gifted and heart lead people.  A small look at past engagements include…

Food for the Hungry Events: Nicaragua Missions : The Un-Offendalbe Project : Bash on the Farm : Bash at Cedar Rapids : Police and Veterans Military Retreat : Word Of Life Lodge : Pierced Festival : Stand Strong Youth Conference : Shepard Fest : Addiction and Prison Recovery Ministries : The 5.2 Fest : Music Fest : Conquering Grounds : Raise the Praise:  Westmorland Festival :  Live Free Tour : The Extreme Tour :  Six Flags : Praise Day : Glory Day : Fire in the Grove : Altarwork Artist Night : The Great Commission Tour :  Coming Home Tour : Annual Born for a Reason Christmas Tour : Perception Matters : The Gathering : God Stock : ALIVE YM : The Blue Print Release : Faith and Family Night – Civic Center : Faith in Action Series : Various Festivals :  Churches : Fund Raisers : Conferences : Revivals : Radio : Glens Falls Civic Center : Youth Group Rally’s : Albany’s Got God Talent Radio Host and much more.


        529547_779180722109130_1473434423_n1.jpg  Dominick Cox - Driven 11  DCox_RGB_FullRes_2 DRIVEN11 Dominick Cox Glens Falls Civic Center NY


5 thoughts on “Dominick Cox

    1. Cass,
      Thank you. If there is no link to purchase tickets it means the venue is paying for the night and it is free to the public. If it is a paying event then Tickets Prices and links would be posted at http://bandsintown.com/Driven11

      Please note that Perception Matters Engagements and the Food for the Hungry Trip are private events not open to the general public. Looking forward to seeing you at the next concert!

  1. Thank you for coming to our church. I really enjoyed your music as well as the conversation afterwards. I look forward to seeing what you will do as a returning member of the people who live in and love Upstate New York!

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