The arts are one of the most important aspects of culture and reaching hearts.  With 100’s of new artists joining the scene everyday, free streaming music, no industry connections and so many other obstacles its hard to really “make it” in a creative industry with out a little help.   Driven11 has a heart for new and upcoming artists that are struggling on how to get to that next level while still paying the bills.  Did you know there are practical tools and methods you use and follow to make a living and impact until you “make it”? Also what does “making it” mean?  Driven11 helps artists define success and guide them on practical ways to reach those goals.  This includes but is not limited to… 

  • Effectively delivering your message to the masses
  • Booking more shows 
  • Networking
  • Increasing merchandise/music sales
  • Tour readiness / survival
  • Stage performance
  • Off stage performance
  • Story Telling
  • Song writing / co-writing
  • Radio play
  • The list goes on and on in the creative world

Stop banging your head against the wall and quit only playing “free” shows.  Yes you can pay your bills with music and yes you can make a living with in a creative field.    It takes dedication and we are here to help.

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