Latest News – Kindred Awards 2018/19

Driven 11 is proud to announce that Dominick Cox will be co-hosting the 2018 Kindred Awards with Cristabelle Braden.    This year we have lots of great artists and voting is still going on for a few more days.

This year Dominick Cox of Driven 11 is up for 2 awards.

  • Best Male Artists of 2018
  • Best Love Song of 2018

Go Vote Now Dominick Cox of Driven11 before voting ends in few days.   Voting alone takes 11 seconds so what are you waiting for?

This years event will be held on

MARCH 16 from 1-5PM  @ Abundant Living Church
849 Route 54 Williamstown, NJ

We look forward to seeing you there!


Your Everyday Matters

Your Everyday Matters – 
Spot Light on Jaime Leigh Grace

With so much noise around us we often think that we have to do something “big” to be heard or make a difference in this world.   What’s the reality though?   Well I will tell you.  It is our every day that makes a big impact for the Kingdom.   It is the culmination of the small things by each member of the community that matters and fosters positive change.

Take Jaime Leigh Grace for instance.   She is a bubbly spirit that lives in the Adirondacks of New York.  She is the girl next door in every way.  The past several years she has served in a private school mentoring our next generation.   Currently she is a guest coordinator at a lodge in the Adirondacks.   On occasion she serves and hosts community events.  Jaime is also an amazing wife to a very lucky man and together they are building a life together.

At first glance this is the standard American family with normal everyday events, but it is so much more than that.  In class her guidance and kindness have impacted the lives of 100’s of children over the years.  They have learned from her example as a teacher and will apply that spirit to their relationships and vocations across the world.   When she hosts community events like the famous lip sync battles, she was fostering positive relationships and joy in 100’s of people in the area.  I can personally thank her for volunteering at concerts.  Her organization allows our team to focus on engaging people and sharing a message of hope instead of T-shirts and CD’s.  Even as a guest coordinator at the lodge she creates peace of mind for 1000’s of people throughout the year ensuring everything runs smoothly.  I have seen firsthand how her attention to detail creates calmness for others which allow other programs at the lodge to move ahead seamlessly.   Without Jaime though, none of that would be possible.  This is only a taste of the good work that is being done in her everyday.

Did Jaime cure a major disease?  …well no…but I’m sure many of her students will be a part of major influences to our society because of her teachings.   Did she build the lodge, well no … but she ensures it will continue to serve families and groups for years to come.  Jaime strives to make each interaction a special one for those in her realm of influence.   Through shepherding those little everyday moments is when Gods love, patience and sincerity is demonstrated.  That is the point.  It takes every part of the body focusing on their piece to make a real difference in this world.  Serving God in the everyday moments makes a greater transformation in the lives around us than we sometimes realize.  Teacher, guest coordinator or simply being an amazing spouse and friend; Jaime’s life in New York matters and I thank her for putting her faith in action in the every day.

To the reader…you to are wonderfully made and your everyday matters.



Full summer tour season with new tunes, new stories
and more locations.  Check out the cities and festivals this year. 

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Did you say organizational development?  You heard right.   Music is simply a way to connect and encourage people but Driven11 is much more than music.  The heart of everything Driven11 does is founded on the vision that we as a people can get back in the game.  That we were created to do some amazing things.  Together we can reignite that passion you once had for your church or business. Get out of the slump and struggles that come with running a small or medium organization and start focusing on tangible solutions that really work.  From developing sustainable ministry teams, increasing sales through staff training, budgeting, customer service and more.  Driven11 can help with boots on the ground support.  What are you waiting for?  Contact Driven11 today for a free phone consultation.   Book Driven11 now

Jesus Wired – Review

It was a peaceful Saturday evening at the Fresh Grounds Coffeehouse in Greenville, PA.  Friends had gathered to catch up on life, enjoy a warm hand-crafted beverage, and experience a night of worship and stories.  The night began with the incomparable poetry of Egypt Speaks.  She immediately caught the attention of everyone listening with her warm and captivating style of delivery.  Not only does she speak these words of encouragement and inspiration with such flawless precision, but she also engages the audience, asking how they’re doing and including random details from the surrounding environment.

Throughout Egypt’s set, the common thread running from poem to poem was the reminder of God’s love for His people, no matter where they are or how far away God feels.  He has never left us nor forsaken us.  One poem, “Dear God,” was a letter written from Egypt to her Father, reminiscing about how they used to dance together, and reflecting on the bittersweet process of maturing and losing that child-like wonder.  It was a heartfelt cry to recapture that endearing sense of closeness, and the audience was blessed to be eavesdropping on this intimate conversation between a girl and her Dad.

Egypt ended by telling the story of Aiden, a young autistic boy that she used to babysit.  Aiden never spoke, but the one thing that would always calm him down was music, so she would often play guitar for him.  She told of one night in particular when Aiden’s mom called her to come over.  As it turned out, Aiden’s father had left the family earlier that day, and though Aiden didn’t fully understand all that was going on, he understood the heartbreak of not being wanted.  Egypt played for those gathered at Fresh Grounds what she called “Aiden’s Bedtime Story,” a medley of a few Twenty-One Pilots songs.  All that to say that even though our earthly father may abandon us, we have a Father in Heaven who never will.

Next up was Dominick Cox of Driven 11 ministries.  Before he began, he invited to the stage Kendra, a local young woman who played a fun song on her ukulele and brought a smile to everyone’s face.  He then brought Andrea to the stage.  Andrea is a worship leader who was with them for this tour.  They started out by bringing everyone’s focus to God with a time of worship, singing “Nothing but the Blood.”  Dominick then continued with his song “Glory to His Name,” beginning and ending with some impressive finger picking.

While some musicians may be in the business for the attention or fame, Dominick explained he felt this was God’s calling on his life, to inspire and encourage faith in action through his music and work in ministry.  Following this theme, the next song was “You Are the Great Commission.”  Dominick began with just the melody on the guitar, the drum track introduced a moment later, and his strong baritone voice ringing out.

Breaking the seriousness for a bit, “The Fight Was Never Mine” started with a funky drum beat and some fun guitar licks.  This song definitely had some heads bobbing and toes tapping.  Keeping with the same theme, Dominick launched into a story about his week leading up to leaving for the tour.  It was a week full of spiritual attack, including hitting two deer and other car troubles that would leave his wife and children without a car while he was gone.  However, through the kindness of family, they were able to borrow a car.  Dominick felt that perhaps God was asking him who is in control.  The whole experience was a great reminder that God is bigger than all of our problems, and can be trusted to provide our every need, a great lesson that everyone can take to heart.

After playing a Garth Brooks song for a local woman who had requested it, Dominick told the story of his oldest child’s health scare as a newborn.  While the doctors were doing test after test, struggling to see any improvement, God spoke gently to Dominick, reminding him that we should hold our children in the light of our Father’s love.  The doctors did one last test, the results of which would determine if the girl was improving or would to be moved to a different facility for more specialized care.  As they waited for the results, Dominick and his wife literally held their daughter under the light and prayed for her, dedicating her to God and asking Him to intervene.  The results finally came back and showed signs of improvement, granting a sense of gratitude and relief.

Dominick also told the story of his boys learning to play baseball.  At first they weren’t sure what to do, and would just stand out in left field.  Dominick encouraged them to hold up their gloves and keep their eye on the ball, reminding them that they would eventually make a play.  He then made the analogy to our lives, and how it’s kind of like we’re just standing out in left field, wondering what God’s plan is for our lives.  But if we stand in His will long enough, our hands lifted in praise, the ball will eventually connect with our glove.  We’ll make a play that makes a difference, and things will finally begin to make sense.  After this, Dominick played “Left Field,” the title track from his recent EP.

After briefly speaking about a child sponsorship program, Food for the Hungry, and encouraging the people in attendance to consider sponsoring a child, he prayed over the photos of the children that were set out on tables throughout the coffeehouse.  The night then ended as it had begun, with a time of worship, singing “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” and “Holy Spirit.”  Egypt made her way back to the stage at this time, her poetry intermingling with the verses of the songs, a beautifully woven tapestry comprised of these different forms of worship.  This night of worship and stories left everyone with a renewed sense of faith and a great reminder that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them unconditionally.

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Behind the Christian Music Scene and what you may rarely hear about

The 3 week run with Egypt Speaks and Andrea Pigliavento has come to a close.   It was unforgettable for sure.  Right from the start Egypt’s train to Amsterdam was delayed which cut down our sleep and rehearsal time before tour.    Then we were lost in the back woods country of Upstate NY.  Later in the tour we met up with a tornado that shot hail at the car breaking the windshield, had to drive 48 hours to perform 3 times without sleep and we were met with several herds of deer on each leg of the trip that I’m sure wanted  nothing more than ram into my car again this month.  One engagement the entire sound system sounded like a bad AM radio station forcing a prompt to acoustic set. All this and both Egypt and Andrea had to listen to the ramblings of a crazy person named Dominick.  But I count it all joy for the fruits of this adventure were well worth it.  Here is a small hand full of highlights as we would be here a very long time if we listed them all.

  • Half of the students at one stop made a fully visible display of their desire to follow Christ.  No heads down close your eyes and raise your hand stuff here.  Rather a heads up, I’m not ashamed to love my God type of commitment.
  • Heart felt stories from those who were once in Sex Trafficking, learning about the victories and the impact Christian music has made in their life.
  • New Music a Tobymac and Hollyn mass up – Check it out.
  • Various people at each stop gave their lives to Christ.
  • Times of fellowship before and after events with those struggling with addictions.
  • In a public school the love of Christ was shared and over 30 students admitted themselves to receive help with self harm struggles.
  • Many bible studies with the tour team which allowed us to discover more about ourselves, or weaknesses, our walk with Christ and how we can better serve each other in the moments both during and after tour regardless of those failings.
  • Children from the Village of Apaste Nicaragua were sponsored and their lives will be forever changed.
  • Wonderful host families. With out you this tour would have been a greater challenge.
  • Back stage time at Winter Jam to round out the trip.
  • This is only a portion of what we witnessed and we are still receiving messages of people saying they were inspired by each event and will committee to live their life purposefully for Christ in their everyday moments.
  • Oh yeah we also happened to play some music to.

A big thank you is in order for all the venues, churches, schools, financial supporters, host homes and loving people throughout the United States during this run.    Your prayers and dedication to the ministry of Driven11 to inspire faith in action is extremely appreciated and needed.  The expansion of the Kingdom happens because of your action, prayers and faithfulness to His work.  To God be the Glory.

“Risen King” Music Video from the Driven11 EP Left Field EP drops on Monday 3/20/17 – Stay Tuned
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Whats going on in 2017

2017 is here and DRIVEN11 has hit the deck running with a jam packed January.
There were many adventures in 2016 while pursing the mission to inspire faith in action. From a mission trip overseas, children’s lives changed forever through Food for the Hungry, relocating the DRIVEN11 base of operations to the Adirondacks of New York, Gods people putting their faith in action in their daily lives,  professions of faith, watching small businesses and churches coming back to life and so much more.   Looking back it’s apparent that God is making big moves and I am extremely thankful for the opportunities granted in 2016. Thank you everyone for the support you have provided to my family and DRIVEN11.

Now lets look at whats ahead and like I said January is Jam Packed!

Nicaragua Mission Trip With DRIVEN11 and Food For The Hungry

This month I will be visiting Amelia Federal in Nicaragua.  This is one of many locations currently supported by Food for the Hungry through child and community sponsorship. I will be visiting our sponsored children but also many of the children sponsored by you during DRIVEN11 events.  Your actions have made a huge difference. The small choice you have made to sponsor a child has now culminated to an amazing tidal wave of blessings in this area of Nicaragua. So much in fact that every child in this village is now sponsored and growing in Christ.  That is amazing!  To all of your that have chosen to sponsor a child through Food for the Hungry, THANK YOU!  The work is not over and there is still more to do in hopeful area’s across the globe. I’m looking forward to seeing more DRIVEN11 fans putting their faith in action in 2017 through child sponsorship.

New Music and Tours

As of January 1st, 2017 Left Field is now available on physical CD, download and streaming.  New songs that are guaranteed to lift your spirit many of which will be featured during concerts this month in New Jersey and Tennessee. Click here for upcoming dates and locations.  The Left Field project was a long endeavor.  Between relocating and traveling it was a challenge finding the time to get into the Nashville studio to complete each piece. With the help of Lift Productions, session musicians and finacal support of monthly contributors to DRIVEN11 it all came together in time for the new year.

The reviews coming in from radio stations and DRIVEN11 fans are extremely positive.  If you like the music then down load it today on iTunes.  If you stream your music on Spotify or other service then please consider donating /funding the development of the next project.  Once the next music project is fully funded we will be back in studio with new songs ready to tickle your ears and bring encouragement to those who need it.

Business Development and Training

It is my heart to see God’s people putting there faith in action in the everyday moments of their life including the work place.  It is where we spend most of our time and is a great way to demonstrate Gods love by serving one another in a way that exemplifies Christ in us.  The wonderful thing is when a business or church is thriving it will provide the owners, leaders, employees and volunteers the ability to be a blessing to other ministries and those in the community.

Many times though we are not provided the practical tools to make that happen and that is where boots on the ground mentor-ship, discipleship and training comes in.  This includes examining service departments, determining the real vision of an organization, sales training, telling the story to inspire vision, developing repeatable systems or even digging into the PnL to learn and discover how we can improve our operations.   This month DRIVEN11 will be working closely with several different Christian companies, hammering out solutions together that will help them become well oiled machines for Christ.

30 Day Faith in Action Challenge
Last and certainly not least is the 30 day Faith in Action Challenge. The challenge started January 1st, 2016.  It was intended to help us focus on our relationship with our Father and those within our realm of influence.  Well, we could not be happier with the results.  Comments keep coming in on how this is helping to shape lives and bring people closer to the miracle maker.   How?  Prayer.  That is what this challenge is all about.  Focusing on a relationship with the One who created all and gave all so that we may live. Dedicated time praying for those in your realm of influence, dedicated time thanking Him for what He has done and rebuilding your daily relationship with Him and those around you.

Want to get started on your challenge as your new year resolution? It is never too late.  Download your poster today.  Make it a part of your youth group, small group or bible study.  Just keep praying!

All in all 2017 is shaping up to be a very eventful year and we are excited to see what God is going to do.  
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Back to Basics

Hebrews 9:22

Indeed, under the law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.

Title: Nothing but the Blood
Author : Robert Lowry
Publication Date: 1991 Baptist Hymnal 135

New Music

New music from DRIVEN11 is almost here.

Music will always be a part of influencing today’s culture.  That is why creating new music is a cornerstone of DRIVEN11s mission to inspire faith in action.  With that I am proud to announce that Left Field will be released late November but you can pre-order your reduced price copy before the official release in November.

Each original song on Left Field was meticulously crafted to bring a high energy and impacting message of hope to the listener.  The CD includes a mix of full production rock, moving worship songs and a modern acoustic style for the title song Left Field.  This is by far the best music release yet and hope you will love it to.  This release is only possible with the continued financial support and prayers of those who believe in vision of DRIVEN11.  Thank you very much!

Pre-Order your copy now!



Day 29

The response to the 30 Day Faith in Challenge has been amazing this year.  We have seen schools, youth groups and churches getting together to complete the challenge.   Hearing the stories of hearts and minds focusing  great commission work locally and globally is something to behold.  One question about the challenge has come up enough this year to make a video post about it.

DAY 29: Champion A Cause

What does it mean to Champion a Cause?  


Print your free 30 Day Faith in Action Challenge Poster and get started now!

30 Day Challenge -.png