Booking time with DRIVEN11 is super easy.  From New York to California, Canada to Mexico or on a ship in the Ocean?  DRIVEN11 is excited to be a part of your event, concert, festival, camp, outreach event, conference, church service, corporate development program, business coaching, team training and more.  Engagements of all sizes are welcome.


Ever said, “I need to book a local Christian artist or speaker” but did not know where to start? Start here by contacting DRIVEN11.

Here is a small look of past performances and engagements.

   Food for the Hungry : Nicaragua : Compassion International : Faith in Action : Bash on the Farm: Pierced Festival : Shepard Fest : Addiction and Prison Recovery Ministries : The 5.2 Fest : Music Fest : Conquering Grounds : Raise the Praise:  Westmorland Festival :  Live Free Tour : EP Release : The Extreme Tour :  Six Flags : Praise Day : Glory Day : Fire in the Grove : Altarwork Artist Night : The Great Commission Tour :  Coming Home Tour : Annual Born for a Reason Christmas Tour : Perception Matters : The Gathering : God Stock : ALIVE YM : The Blue Print Release : Various Festivals :  Churches : Fund Raisers : Conferences : Revivals : Radio : Glens Falls Civic Center : Youth Group Rally’s : Albany’s Got God Talent Radio Host and  much more.

DRIVEN11 has shared audiences with Unspoken, KJ-52, Kutless, Sanctus Real, Audio Adrenaline, Jason Gray, John Waller, Tyrus Morgan, Clayton Jennings and so many more awesome artists and speakers.  A blessing to serve with so many gifted and heart lead people.


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