If you are perfect, then who gets the glory? Part 3 of 3

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On Solid Ground and after a brief rest we began preparing for a hike instead of a canoe trip. Loading as much in our back packs as possible we laid the rest of the gear in the canoe. We each grabbed an end of the canoe and began the hike south along the shore toward or destination.   Our guide was the water and the decision was made to stay close to the shore.   Being in the thick of the woods we would be hiking through uncut wilderness. No path, lots of fallen trees in the way and a few gorges to jump is what was in store for next part of this journey.

The first half mile was nothing but a disaster. So exhausted from the paddling and now carrying a canoe with more weight than one should carry. Again though, being a “Strong willed” individual I was sure we could do it if we just put our mind to it. This did not work out to well. We had to put the canoe down each minute to take a break. It was becoming more and more apparent that bringing the canoe was not practical.   Again I was faced with a decision. However this was slightly different than before. Before I had to make a decision to change direction and not fight the waves. This would allow me to be on solid ground so that I could once again make forward progress. This obstacle had a new element. Forward progress would still happen just at a very, very slow and exhausting rate. The longer we held unto everything we had, the worse it got.

Realty hit me. We had to leave my precious gear and canoe behind. We could not keep going like this. If we keep all that stuff, it would have taken us a full day if not longer to hike out 3+ miles through the thick of the wilderness.   Leaving the gear was a tough choice to make. I invested so much into the boat, paddles, gear, tents, etc. I would be losing so much I thought. Regardless we dropped the boat and gear that was longer needed for this part of the trip.

Good thing to. During our trip we had to climb a small mountain side. Not quite rock climbing but surely not a hike. One false move and we would have been rolling down a 100 ft cliff into the rocky cold water below and remember, no cell phone service to call for help.   There were also gorges that would have been impossible to cross with a canoe. The situation would force us to hike due east several miles. Thus pulling us father away from our course, father from our guide the shore line and slowing down progress even more.

At the time there was no way I could have known dropping my baggage early on would make such a large impact in our forward progress later on. This is the point.

Are you holding on to your baggage? We all have it and it takes the form of bad relationships we hold dear, past regrets you will refuse to forgive yourself for, material items, a grudge against a family member, friend or coworker. This list goes on and on. So much value is put into these possessions and thoughts. The realty is all those past anchors are weighing you down and holding you back. Sure you can grasp that burden with both hands and still make forward progress but you will find your life will be harder and less fulfilling. You may never fully reach the potential and blessings God has in store for you. Blessings that far outweigh the value of what you are holding onto right now.

Today, release the baggage. Forgive someone today, forgive yourself today….this Christmas call that family member and say I love you with no thought as to what emotional return you may get.  When you do, the anchor of the past will begin to lift. You will begin to speed through the wilderness of your life and you can then you can begin scaling mountains and bounding over gorges with ease.

What does this entire story have to do with the title of this 3 part serious? Here it is.

We are on an adventure designed by the great architect of the Universe. Our adventure is full of decisions, mistakes and broken moments. With the right perspective it is actually a lot of fun just like the adventure I had with my brother in the Adirondacks.

God our father desires great adventures for us just like we desire great moments for our children. When our children make a good choice or enjoy the life we help them build we rejoice. It is all designed so that we may have a greater relationship with him. The realty we live in today is full of mistakes and failures. If we were perfect we would not be dependent on his love.  When we direct our adventure, it becomes exasperating. However through those flaws God gets to shine, teach and direct our adventure. He gets the Glory. When we finally release ourselves to his will, his grace…it is then we are made strong and our adventure takes flight.

In closing, the only thing we have to do is Choose, His path or ours? The rest is an adventure designed by the best playground maker ever, so go grab a paddle.

Leave your comments below or let us know what you will drop in the wilderness today!

If you are perfect, then who gets the glory? Part 2 of 3


The start of our last day on the island was a full on rain storm. Waves were breaking around 3-4 feet on the water and the waves were pushing in the opposite direction we needed to paddle that day. Knowing full well that the canoe we have is not designed for such rough water; we needed to make a decision. Wait a few more hours in hopes that the storm calms down, go now and push the canoe past its capabilities against the waves or paddle with the water to our backs to shore and hike the canoe out.

Either way we began packing up the soaked gear from the night before. Once all the gear was secured in the canoe we realized the storm was not letting up, if anything it was getting worse. In our minds we thought again…yeah we got this. So we made the decision to go now with a very “good” plan of paddling against the waves. The strategy was to start on the back side of the island where the waves were not so bad. This would make it easier to line the canoe straight into the waves once we come around the side. Then we would keep the bow of the canoe directly into the waves. I would take the front and do the strong paddling up each wave to keep water out of the boat and my brother would handle all steering.

Everything was going as planned. Coming from the back side of the island we were met by heavy winds, rain and waves. As each wave came I would give a strong push to keep the water just 1 inch below the gunnel (sides) of the canoe.   Pushing hard and focusing on each wave coming I kept my eyes directly ahead as I had one goal…keep the bow up on each wave. Any distraction would surely mean we would take on water. Pushing with everything I had for a full hour I knew we must have made some great progress. Taking a moment I looked starboard to check how far we have gone…a mile a least right. What I saw was disappointing at best. The island was still right next to us!

An hour of hard paddling and zero progress was made. Top it off I was getting very tired. Keeping the bow above the waves was becoming nearly impossible now. Slowly the waves came closer and closer to the bow and water began filling in. With this I yelled to my brother “we need a new plan”! With that I decided to put the waves behind us and head directly to shore. We were going to have to hike our way out. With that I waited for the right break in the waves and yelled….HARD TO PORT (yes, I actually said that).  We turned extremely fast and before we knew it we were moving very quickly. The waves were now making our paddling efforts pointless. With no effort we were on shore in no time, the waves we were fighting did all the work. Sure we still had to hike out 3-4 miles with no trail, all while carrying a canoe and gear but at least we did not cap size and the adventure did not end.   We were safe and the final destination was actually possible.

Had we stayed on the water we would have eventually gotten so tired that the boat would have filled with water, the canoe would have capsized and we would have put ourselves in a very bad position. We would have been completely soaked, with no gear, in the water swimming to shore.…..Yup ….you see it coming don’t you…the parallel. If not, it’s time to get in the boat. Poor pun intended.

2 Corinthians 12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

I love a good challenge but I have learned that when I rely on my strength to smash against the waves of life’s challenges and not Gods I find myself tired, frustrated and making no forward progress. Many times I have to turn around from the path I am on. Reflect and rest in his strength for a while till he brings me to a place where I can turn around again. Once I finally make that full 360, this time with a renewed focus on solid ground; its then I begin making forward progress to the goal. The journey is still long and hard…but at least when I am on the right path, with the right motives, relying on his provision…its then I will succeed in the adventure the lord has for me.

What waves are you trying to fight in your life? Are you relying on your strength instead of his? Is it time to turn around for a season to rest on his strength until you can get back on his path? Is it time for a 360?

Please leave your comments below and stay tuned for part 3 of 3 coming soon.

If you are perfect, then who gets the glory? Part 1 of 3

2013-06-29 11.12.29
Pelican Canoe

Did you know that you can rent an Island in Lake George, NY? 4 days, only 60 dollars, I know right! You get your own private Island for 4 days and guess what…no cell service. My brother and I could not resist. We planned the trip for months and then the day came. We packed up the canoe and paddled about 3.5 miles to the ranger station to check in. At the station the ranger asked us what kind of boat we had. We said a 15 foot canoe. At this he paused and said… “You don’t have a motor boat? I better hurry up then, a storm is coming in and you have another mile to the island. You guys going to be alright”?  The above canoe is the actual one we used that weekend.

Apparently taking a canoe in this far was not normal but we figure…that’s right.. we are adventurers, we got this. Soon after leaving the ranger station we arrived at the island, set up camp and ate what little food we had. You see we only brought enough food for one day. We were determined to catch fish each day. If we did not, well God must want us to fast, at least that was the thought.

We had a blast swimming, exploring the lake, fishing and fellowship; and yes we had a fish for every meal during the trip. However as the end of day 2 approached the “Storm” the ranger was talking about was now in full force. Winds were high so we had to weigh down the tent so it would not blow away. The wind was not an issue yet. The rain though was so intense that water was coming in sideways filling the tent.

No one slept well that night. My brother and I were soaked and the waves crashing on the shore was more than we could ignore.   The next morning (Day 3) the rain did break from time to time throughout the day. It was just enough allowing us to dry off all the soaked gear.   Our gear was no longer dripping wet, just very damp. We were doing our best to prepare for another stormy night ahead, securing everything down. It was pointless. The rain and wind came in with even greater force this night. Needless to say we had another night of limited sleep and all our gear was once again soaked.

This may sound like a nightmare to most but we were having a great time. Feeling like true outdoorsman, against the elements two brothers were surviving on fish and water. Here is the realty though and the point of part 1 of this series.   My brother and I caused our own adventure. We knew weather was coming in days before by watching the weather channel. We also knew that we did not bring enough food to eat. Even the ranger gave us a very clear warning saying a big storm was coming in.

Will Robinson’s robot was saying “Danger, Danger” but we went ahead anyway. How often do we do this in our own lives? The warning signs are there and God is saying, no no no, don’t touch…that’s a hot surface. Yet we just ignore it and place our hand directly on the stove top.   This is usually followed by “God why did you burn my hand”? Then we soak in our own self-pity blaming God for what happened.

Let’s assume for a moment I did not want to be soaked all weekend. Would it have been fair of me to complain to everyone that the weekend was horrible because it rained and we got soaked? We also only ate fish cause we ran out of food. Of course this would be ridiculous. We had plenty of room to pack more food. I could have easily scheduled another time for the trip way before we got in the canoe. I could have turned around while at the ranger station or I could have packed up earlier in the morning on day two before the big storm really hit.  The signs and opportunities to course correct were everywhere.

A good Friend of mine from NY once said to me, “Dominick…People do, what people want to do”. You see If you find yourself in a storm, chances are you ignored the signs and quite possibly planned it that way. This is also known as a self-fulfilling prophecy.   Are you a victim of a self-fulfilling prophecy? If so what can you do today to shape your future to one that aligns more with God’s will in your life. Because the realty is…People do what people want to do.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this 3 part adventure series” titled “If you are perfect, then who gets the glory”?

Back in the saddle.

After a week to visit the family I am back on the Extreme tour.  It was great to see the family after being away for so long and even harder to say goodbye again.  Very glad to have family, friends and super fans that support the Driven Mission.

Right now, Lafayette GA is the place to be and will be making my way down to the Hot and Muggy state of Florida.  Looking forward on seeing many more lives affected and changed during the last 5 weeks of the Extreme Tour. I promise to give everyone the full report of the entire adventure in November 2014 when the tour is completed and I am settled back in.  Until then please continue to pray for the ministry.  Big hugs to everyone….you know who you are! 



Your Adversity for someone else’s blessing?


Still going strong on the EXTREME TOUR! We are reaching out to the lost by first demonstration Gods Love and then sharing Gods love. We recently visited Pikeville, KY and just headed on up to Norwalk, OH. Pikeville was amazing. Several people experienced Christ’s love through the Extreme Ministry. Also big thanks to Grace Fellowship church who took us in for several days. We are very thankful for them all.

After service at Grace Fellowship, a woman began telling me her story. She went through years of torment starting in Elementary School, through High School and early adult years. She was ridiculed for everything in her life including weight, looks and even the cloths she wore. Her self-worth took a very big hit and she was extremely depressed before she found the love of Christ in her life. After that, it took her a long time to learn how to use her testimony and experiences to help teens and children who struggle with similar experiences.

Although what really caught my attention was when she mentioned a particular man who ridiculed her tremendously her whole life.   Surprisingly, he gave his life to Christ several years ago and felt obligated to contact her and apologize for his horrid treatment of her over the years.   He even went on further to explain that his testimony to others was, in fact, that he was a horrible guy in school and in his adult years all because of his very own hurts and self-worth issues.

I thought to myself, Wow…look what God did there.   However, I could tell by her facial expressions that his apology was not something she received and she still held on to bitterness toward him. She said she “Forgave” him in the “Christian Sense” I guess. But she never really let it go. Even though she claimed to use her forgiving heart and trauma to help others through their adversity, she never really forgave him and it was visible on her face throughout the conversation. Yes, she understood Christ’s love for her, but she was still working through the pain and she could not see the Blessing that she could provide for others.

At this time, she paused and waited for me to respond (after listening for 10 minutes with no break).   I felt like she wanted me to say, I’m sorry….that must have been hard.   Or maybe she wanted to hear….well it’s understandable that you would still be upset with him.   Or maybe she just wanted a hug. I felt like she needed a bit more clarity and so I spoke.

“Wow that is amazing.   God knew that you were made in his image…a strong person that could handle persecution for so many years.   Not only that, the persecution that you went through was actually more for the bully’s benefit than for your benefit.   I’m saying that this was a good thing, but what I see is that God used your strong will and helped you through all of that so that one day, that man who teased you for so long would have an amazing testimony that would be able to reach others who may be treating others just as poorly. It is much like Saul who persecuted Christians for so long but then became one of the biggest advocates of Christ in his time.  What’s also neat is you are using your experience to lift others up as well.”

With that she burst in to tears and held me tight. She said she never saw it that way and you could see her face light up. She was filled with Pride and thanked me for providing a fuller understanding of why God allowed that to happen. It was something to be seen for sure.

Even today I don’t know how those words came from my mouth but they seemed to touch a person’s life at just the right time. Praise God.

As Christians we tend to believe that we go through persecution so that we will receive a blessing or that we are being trained for something really big in the future. I do not believe that is always the case. I believe that many times we go through persecution or adversity so that others may receive a blessing or become a power house for God. We are to rejoice in their blessing and rejoice in the fact that God utilizes us to make that blessing possible for someone else.

Not buying it? Well I think we all agree that Christ is the ultimate image of love and blessings. Christ himself came and suffered…for whose benefit? Clearly not God’s….because he does not need us…we need him. Yet he went through all that suffering and pain for one purpose only…so that you would receive the blessing of salvation on the cross. Are you taking joy in the fact that you are a part of God’s plan even when others receive the blessings?

Thoughts – Please share them on this page!

Argue with G-D today?


Argue with God today

Wonderful conversations were had at the Bridge Church in Schenectady today.   One woman this morning was telling us that when she receives a word from God, she never questions the directive ever and goes with it with unfailing faith.

I think the exact statement was, “I may not understand, but I do it and never question it cause’ it’s from God”.

This statement seemed okay at first but I was compelled to disagree with what she just said.   While that sort of faith is awesome the latter part of it I believe leaves us stagnant in our growth and our ability to ministry to others. Being obedient is surely what we should do initially. When we are called to GO and move in a new direction, for sure…faith leads the way.

However, in scripture I find that it is ok to ask WHY during and after we have set the wheels in motion of faith. If we don’t ask WHY we can become frustrated, angry, bitter, and quite possibly destroy the great blessings that are going to be poured out.   We may also become burned out so to speak on a ministry. We then find ourselves walking in faith yet are mumbling to our friends on the side that the situation is SOOO BAD. ”But it’s for the Lord” we say with undertones of sarcasm. Yeah…who would be motivated to attend that guys church right?

Discussion the outcome, purpose or the difficulty you are going through is different than disobedience. Keep moving forward and be obedient but it is ok to ask for clarity and WHY. For those out there thinking…well ….argue with GOD that sounds foolish. Surly you have read that those who argued with God, even if they were men/women of GOD only receive a partial blessing. To that I say, Yes the better way thing to say is “have a discussion” with God in prayer rather than argue, but it did get your attention.   The point is this, it is always valuable to gain a solid understanding of WHY. WHY will give you a deeper understand of Gods will in your life? Knowing why will allow you to pour into others and will better equip you for God’s blessings in your life?

The Book of Job is a great example of this. Job lost everything for what frankly seemed like a bet from Satan at the time. Through it all he questioned Gods motives but stayed faithful to God. In the end he gained full clarity through his constant pursuit of Gods plan and purpose for his life and ultimately received greater blessings then before.

Does something seem unfair? Are you feeling like your circumstance is not right? Then today, right now you need to have a discussion with God on WHY. It’s called it prayer, reading the word and fellowship with fellow believers.

Love and Asking the Right Questions: Part 3 of 3

Conclusion to our series titled:  Love and Asking the Right Questions

We left off with the question of how does one grow when there is so much “sickness” and “Lack of time” in a church?   How does one get the support and guidance they need when leadership and Pastors are not readily available?    The answer is Love and asking the right questions.  What does Scripture say about Love?  What are the right questions to ask?

First let’s see what God says about love.

WaterMatthew 22:36-40  “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”  Jesus replied: “Love the lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and all your mind.’   This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’  All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

What? We are to Love our Neighbor with the same amount of zeal as we do our selves.  Whenever this piece of scripture is read someone always says…”well what if I don’t love myself?”  We are not talking about self-esteem, we are talking about Love.  Yes there are some things you may not like about yourself but you do Love yourself.  Not buying it? Let’s be honest, you love yourself enough to buy food, clothes or simply bathing yourself.  Would you bath someone you did not love? So yes…you love yourself.

But how does one love a church of sinners?  Furthermore, how does one love a church of sinners the same way we love our selves?  Let’s look to the most used passage on love.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 Love is patient and kind.  Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude.  It does not demand its own way.  It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged.  It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out.  Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

Wow…endures through every circumstance?  Not some things but every circumstance.  “But what if they”…STOP…every circumstance……”but they never”….STOP… every circumstance!  What happens though is we focus on all the things that are going wrong and don’t seem right.  We begin asking questions like….”When will that person ever change”, “when will they have time for this thing”, “why is there not enough X”, “When are they going to get it right”.  With these types of questions we become more and more bitter.  We begin keeping a record of wrongs instead of rejoicing when truth wins out.  We become jealous of one church member getting more attention from leadership.

If you really want to love, if you really want to see change then start asking the right questions and start taking some personal accountability. Live a life by the Spirit.

Galatians 5: 13-15
Life by the Spirit

13 You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love. 14 For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”15 If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.

This brings us the conclusion of the message.  What are the right questions?

If you see someone struggling, don’t ask “when will they change” rather ask “How can I help a struggling Brother or Sister”.   If a ministry is lacking don’t ask “when will they get their act together”, instead ask “How can I support/serve this ministry so it is successful”.  Instead of “why are there not enough leaders to take care of the church needs”, ask “how can I help meet our neighbor’s needs”?   The only way to see real change, to see success…. the only way to love your neighbor is to show personal accountability and become a part of the solution by serving them.  That’s right! The grass is actually green where you water it!  Stop complaining, pick up a hose and water the grass if you want to see results.

When we all start asking the right questions and when we all begin taking personal accountability is when we begin to see the lives around us change in a positive way.  The amazing part, when you start to ask the right questions and take action…. it is infectious.  Others will want to be a part of it.  It will inspire others to do the same, relationships will mend and lives will be changed forever.


Thanks for following this series, please leave your comments.

Love and Asking the Right Questions: Part 2 of 3

Let’s continue our 3 part series titled:   Love and Asking the Right Questions

We left off yesterday with Mark 2:17  

“Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.  I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

Crazy_clockWhat does this mean, what’s the point?  It means that everyone in a church is a sinner and falls short of perfection so it is expected to see God working in a church of sinners; but when someone falters in the church or is “never” available to talk about OUR problems, we immediate look at them funny or treat them with little to no grace.  This continues until someone leaves or loses faith in that church body.  The other classic “Christian Move” is to ignore a person all together who has offended you because…you know…that’s the best way to mend a relationship right?  Better yet…we make the comment that “I don’t go to church because everyone is a hypocrite”.  That’s like saying “I don’t go to the doctors because of all the sick people”.

My personal favorite is when you have a pastor who oversees a church of 200+ members.  At some point you will hear “The Pastor never has time for me or anyone from what I see. He does not care at all”.  Okay, first…how many times have we told some one….”oh I am just SOOOO busy and can’t help right now” and expect that person to understand our plight but when it comes to the Pastor…oh no he must make the time.

For a moment let’s have a little fun and do the math of the day of a pastor… 8 hours of sleep, 2 hours of travel a day, 2 hours preparing the sermon, 1 hour reading the Bible, 1+ hours praying seeking Gods guidance, 2-3 hours preparing/eating food and maybe, just maybe 2 hours with family each day.  That is 19 hours of filled time with only 5 hours to help direct ministries, develop leadership and more in a day.   A normal Pastor gets to take only one day off a week for rest (Most of us get two) and he has Sunday for giving sermons, prep and counseling.  Don’t forget that someone is always passing away or getting married or needing major counseling. Those types of life events can eat up tons of valuable time.

So let’s assume after all of this that a Pastor actually has 30 available hours for one on one time throughout the month for members. 200 people divided by 30 hours. That is 9 minutes for each person in the church a month if everything was perfectly planned, all schedules meet up and it does not include any travel to meet each of these members. Please correct the math if it’s wrong, but you get the point. There simply is not enough time in the day to meet every need.

Still what’s the point you ask?  The point is…let’s show some grace people!…. the same Grace God has given us.  Don’t miss understand the message, we are not talking about accepting and advocating a clear sin going on.  We are talking about the realty that we all fall short of the glory of God and we all have short comings that at times will appear at first glance to be hypocritical.  Don’t forget, we all need a healer…that’s why we are here…even the Pastor.  If you are in a church body that has “No Sin” and “No Struggle”…please reveal what Vortex of a triple black hole dimension it is located in since such a church would be as rare as a hospital with no sick people.

So how does one grow when there is so much “sickness” and “Lack of time” in a church?   How does one get the support and guidance needed when leadership and Pastors are not readily available?    The answer is Love and asking the right questions.

What does Scripture say about Love?  What are the right questions to ask?  Stay tuned for the third and final part of the series to find out.

Love and Asking the Right Questions: Part 1 of 3

Hello everybody!  Thanks for following Driven, a band created to celebrate a life of faith.  This next Blog Series is titled “Love and Asking the Right Questions”.  This will be our first 3 part series and we encourage all of you to post your comments and thoughts as we go through it together.

SickPart 1 of 3 – Love and Asking the Right Questions

I woke up two weeks ago and jumped right out of bed.  I was full of energy and ready to go.  Since I was feeling exceptionally healthy I decided to visit the doctor’s office.  I find that going to the doctor when I am healthy is the best way to stay healthy.  Besides I rarely get sick, because of my strong immune system. The cool part is I’m not the only one that visits the Doctor when they are well.  So I never have to worry about getting sick when I visit because everyone that is a member of my Physician’s office comes healthy.

You may not know this, but the best thing about going to the MY Doctors office is they are never busy.  Since no one is ever sick at the doctor’s office, all of the staff here are readily available to answer questions and talk about all the unhealthy people that don’t come to this Doctor’s office.  The Doctor is always available as well to chat over coffee because everyone is doing well, everyone is in perfect health.   Actually if someone does come in sick, we just look at them funny and never let them get close cause I don’t want to get sick.  It is so important that we do everything we can to make them feel extremely uncomfortable and leave. I mean clearly they don’t understand that our Doctors office is only for the healthy and if we let them in…they may infect the rest of us.  “Come back when the cold goes away please” we say.

Does this sound like your Doctor’s office?  If it does…it’s time for a new physician.

We all know that we only go to the Doctor’s when we are sick and to no surprise everyone in the waiting room is sick as well, it’s expected.  Everyone has something different going on, from a minor cold, heart problems, drug dependencies and more.  Sure we know going to the Doctors office does put us in contact with lots of germs we may not want but we go none the less.  As of a result of all the needs the staff is slammed, busy processing paper work and doing all they can to meet the needs of their members who they truly care for.  You can tell they are stressed and have limited resources/time available to them.

I wanted to paint this very basic picture for our readers as we go through this 3 part series.  The picture is that a Doctor’s office is for the sick, that’s why we go.  The staff is always very busy meeting the peoples needs and the Doctor’s time is very limited.  Top it off…when we attend the doctor’s office we understand that there will be other sick people at the Doctors that have problems many of which are very different than yours.  Some times worse then you, sometimes better.  We all accept this.  So why do we insist the opposite should be true in our churches…. and don’t pretend like you don’t.  This goes for believers and no believers alike.

Mark 2:17 say this “Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.  I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

What does this mean, what’s the point? To find out stay tuned for part two of this blog series?

Please leave your comments and thoughts as we travel through this 3 part series together.