Even though Dominick Cox performs as a Solo Artist under the name DRIVEN11 sharing audiences with artists such as Kutless, Audio Adrenaline, Jason Gray, John Waller, Unspoken, Seventh Day Slumber and more, he greatly enjoys partnering, traveling and performing with other like minded artist to spread the Gospel. Here are just a few special artists that DRIVEN11 has or will be performing with soon.

Tyrus Morgan –  Solo Artist, Producer, Song Writer, Worship Leader, Compassion Speaker

An encouraging word. A quiet compliment. A pat on the back. Tyrus Morgan believes these small gestures are important ripples in an ocean of eternal impact. We were created for more than just going through the motions, and for this Nashville-via-Kansas singer/songwriter and worship leader, it’s important to be reminded of that on a regular basis.  As worship leader at Wellspring Church in suburban Nashville, Tyrus is also part of an artist partnership program at Little Rock, Arkansas’ Fellowship Bible Church.

Tyrus’s most recent accomplishment was his part in writing the hit single “Good Fight” from Unspoken and the theme song of the movie War Room set to release in 2015.   Tyrus has also received numerous Dove Award recognitions for co writing many of the Christian Hits on radio today.

I had the privilege to co write songs with Tyrus and finishing Driven 11’s EP “Light of the Future”.  Dominick Cox and Tyrus Morgan(Lift Productions) are currently working on the next DRIVEN11 EP.

Living Song
Living Song – Music Ministry

Much like Driven 11, Living Song is a non profit ministry 501(c)(3) of A.C.T. International based out of “Music City” – Nashville, Tennessee consisting of singers/songwriters and musicians with a passion to see people come to salvation through Jesus Christ since 2011.

Along with touring for worship services, Living Song actively serves with Nashville Youth For Christ and ministries serving the homeless, including Rescue Mission chapel services nationwide. Also 100% of the digital download royalties from the single (Rescue Me) is donated to support the efforts of our dear friends at Love Missions, a Florida-based human trafficking rescue ministry. In 2013, Rock Missions Media included two of their songs for the feature-length film “Steadfast”, a faith-based movie that deals with the issues today’s teens face — an increasing amount of pressure from the outside world, and from within.

Singer /Song Writer, Worship Leader 

Though Ian began to receive musical instructions when he was 8, formed his first band when he was 11, and played music throughout his twenties; it wasn’t until 2005 when Ian came to faith in Jesus Christ through a life changing experience that Ian would begin to find his purpose in playing and creating music.  Later through various affirmations and a guitar given to him, he began a new journey as a worshipper and songwriter.

In October of 2013, Ian met producer, Daniel Ornellas during a Christian Musician Summit in Nashville, TN. In March 2014, Ian would travel back down to Nashville to record a 5 song EP “Father’s Son” of original songs with Daniel at Farmland Studios and historic Ocean Way Studios.

At the heart of Ian’s ministry through music is a desire to refresh and comfort others (Acts 3:19, 2 Cor.1:3-4); to build community through relationships (Acts 2:46); to point others to Jesus (John 3:30); to touch lives (Isaiah 61:4); and to be used to reconcile others to God through Christ (2 Cor. 5:20).

Egypt Ali –  Spoken Word Artist

Egypt Ali is a Spoken Word artist from northeastern Ohio going on her seventh year of national touring touring. While still a teenager, she has shared the stage with artists such as Children 18:3, The Protest, Driven 11, We As Human, and many more. Her poetry is primarily centered around her own stories, but has touched the stories of the people around her. She speaks from the heart and strives to bring glory to Jesus and let everyone within earshot know that their story is an important work in progress being written by the Creator of the universe.

Jessica Crawford –  Singer/Song Writer, Worship Leader

Jessica Crawford is singer, songwriter, worshiper and small town girl. Originally from Bridgewater, Virginia, she now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. The move was inspired by an opportunity to develop her music while serving as an inner city missionary for Provision International.

Jessica’s mission is to Love Out Loud through music, ministry and missions work. Love Out Loud partners with churches and mission organizations all over the country to share the passionate love of Jesus Christ both inside and outside of church walls.

Her new five song EP “Wildfire”, produced by Daniel Ornellas of DoMusic, is now available for pre-order on iTunes & Google play.


My Paper Tiger – Christian Rock

My Paper Tiger was an invention of four fifteen and sixteen-year-olds who spent most of their high school Saturdays in a basement practicing music. This was the era of Skillet, Flyleaf, and Hillsong. These kids spent most of their time coming to terms with who they were becoming and what their faith was becoming, and all the while, they created bonds and memories with each other that would last a lifetime.

My Paper Tiger’s goal is the same now as it was in the basement of their high school days: to relate to others through their lyrics and music and have a great time doing it.


Wesley Uriah Effect
Wesley Seeley –  Drums / Percussion 

Jamestown, PA is the home town of this man.  Only 19 years old and Wesley has the precision of a 20 year veteran.   He was the back bone of The Uriah Effect bringing an energy that is unsurpassed.  It was a pleasure to perform and serve with Wesley through out 2014 and 2015 and I am looking forward to working with him again in the future.



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