Perception Matters

Why was Perception Matters written? Because when church and businesses grow so do ministry opportunities.

When Dominick is not wearing his performance hat you will find him with boots on the ground working with church leaders, business owners and their teams.  Developing practical solutions to many of the challenges that arise in these vocations and ministries.

Teaching others how to put their faith in action serving their immediate realm of influence is what it is all about.  This includes teaching leaders how to create repeatable systems for their teams, improving communication, serving not selling, customer service training, budget management & creation, time management, goals that work and more.

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Are you hearing more complaints than praise when you serve? It can happen without you realizing it and left unchecked will destroy a great church, company, family or friendships. True service starts with proper communication, and it is vital when building loyalty. It is amazing how language, demeanor, and habits will shape someone’s perspective of you or the organization you represent. However most of us are never equipped with the right tools to effectively communicate. Perception Matters was created to provide a simple, systematic approach that produces a repeatable positive perception in someones eye. When done properly, it will build loyalty, referrals and make your career and life a much more rewarding one.

Simply put, Perception Matters.  


“Very powerful book! Helpful and easy to digest. I have personally applied the skills I’ve developed in this book in a short period of time and achieved substantial results. A must read for anyone who desires to have communications with excellent results in your day to day interactions.”
Tom Isabelle, Owner of

“I  borrowed a copy of the book and it’s just fabulous. It is now required reading for my employees. I bought several copies and will give my children and my sister’s children a signed copy for Christmas.”
– Owner Cynthia Walko, CPA Firm Memphis, TN

“Special thanks to Dominick Cox from Driven11 for spending the last few days with me. The leadership/business training I received will impact Advantage Plastics Inc and Snow Guard Direct for years to come! Never stop learning, always press on to new levels.” 
–  Director Tim Cox, Advantage Plastics and Snow Guard Direct Mountain City, TN

“We met with Dominick Cox in an unusual way – he gave a concert at our church!  His songs were great, so…I decided to review his latest book…If you work in customer service – technical support, the hospitality industry or just want a few more tips on being more attentive to your children then this short book will be a great one to add to your collection.” 
–  D. Busha,

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