Early Release of Perception Matters! Now available in all stores.

Tate Publishing was so excited to release Perception Matters that they pushed and released it 4 days early!   Originally intended for those in the customer service and sales fields, Perception Matters will also help you improve communication at home, church or any aspect in your life where people are involved.

Full article below. 

Perception Matters by Dominick Cox - Customer Loyalty Is Easier Than You Think


Lewisburg author shows how to improve customer loyalty in new self-help book

LEWISBURG, Tenn. — Author Dominick R. Cox announces the nationwide release of his new self-help book, “Perception Matters: Customer Loyalty Is Easier Than You Think.”

Does one get more complaints than praise in his or her sales or service departments? Unknowingly, this can happen to anyone and can even destroy a great company. True sales and service start with proper communication, which are vital when building loyalty with customers. It is amazing how language, demeanor and habits can shape someone’s perspective of a person and his or her company. However, many are never equipped with the right tools to effectively communicate.

“Perception Matters” was created to provide a simple, systematic approach that produces a repeatable positive perception in a customer’s eye. When done properly, it will build customer loyalty and referrals, making one’s career and life much more rewarding.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore, or by visiting barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com.

Cox feels privileged to have served in many aspects of his life. He holds a vast background in leadership and coaching. He is a father, who happened to serve as CEO, director, U.S. Naval petty officer, deacon, speaker, financial coach, radio co-host and touring musician. Being a lover of telling stories, Cox understands that every interaction with his teams and clients is another chance to inspire people to be greater than what they see themselves, and to take hold of what amazing things God desires for their lives.


Hello Driven fans.  Here is the behind the scenes look at the first recording of “Showers”.

Showers was inspired by the book the BLUEPRINT, Chapter 5 Seasons of Life.  Essentially the BLUEPRINT: Living by the Architect’s Design provides the reader with nine building blocks for the new believer to have a solid understanding of their faith.  From Creation to The Great Commission, it is an inspired read.  Driven was extremely humbled when we were asked to be a part of the release of the Blueprint.  We are thankful for Tim Cox Jr. (No relation) and his vision for reaching new believers and those struggling with their faith as a whole.