Shocking News from behind the scenes of so called “Christian Music” – Part Three – Final Chapter

2015-06-22 20.11.34All was normal until a loud Ka-Boom woke me. It was at this moment I realized tomorrow may not be what everyone was expecting or hoped for.  A tremendous thunderstorm was sweeping through and was pelting all the tents and my vehicle for hours. It was hard to sleep so I figured why not troll on social media if I’m up. It’s then I saw that I had received a text from the woman who prayed with me earlier. It said that she received her first phone call from her son since he has been gone and that he was doing great and all was well. I thought wow…that’s so cool. We don’t always get to have a confirmation of prayer but here it is again. First the man asking me to go to his church and now this woman.

While I was quite happy about this news it was quickly replaced with the realization that tomorrows event may be rained out.   I looked at the weather picture and the forecast was bleak at best. So I prayed for Sunny and 70 for the day. Come to find out later every band prayed that same prayer. The morning came and the rain gave way for a moment but the sky was still demonstrating signs of another thunderstorm as did the radar reports.

With high hopes I set up my table for the day but it was not looking good.   For sure no one was coming today based on the weather.  10AM came with bands and solo artists playing for a small group of people who braved the pending thunderstorms. After the 2nd band though, the sky’s began clearing up. Actually the day became quite warm and Sunny…boom! 3 answers to prayer in a 24 hour period and people began filling in. coincidence again, it could not be denied anymore. Actually rather than even continuing this story let me simply list out just a small portion of the answered prayers and Gods movement during this trip. I cannot list them all as this would fill many pages.

#1: Navy Mom received letter from her son after 8 weeks of no word from him. Letter stated he is having the worst experience of his life and is very disheartened. She prayed for his comfort and joy with me. In 8 hours she received a joyous phone call from her son saying all is well.

#2: Church prays for a man to be reached by someone to encourage his coming back to the church family.   Said man asks for a singer(me) to attend his church and is initially reconnected.

#3: Weather is forecasted to be Thunderstorms all day. Entire Bash on the Farm staff and bands pray for Sunny and 70 as well as setting up tables expecting an answer to prayer. Day turns sunny in 2 hours and forecast never happens.

#4: A man approached me in the evening and said this. “I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but I have a small body shop that I’m having some difficulty on and its tough right now”. Little did this man or anyone know that I was the director of a very large dealership in my recent past. We talked for 20 minutes about different area’s of struggle in the shop and some practical solutions to help advance his body shop in a way that would be a blessing to all.

#5: The happy vendor that was talking with me broke down at the end of the last band and ask me to pray for him. He felt worthless from a life of addictions, criminal back ground and over all unacceptance. In this moment though he felt more accepted and loved than ever and wanted more. We prayed for 15 minutes and he accepted Christ in his life. He had tears of sadness that turned to tears of joy. Never had a another man hugged me as hard as he did that night.

#6: Back stage I asked one of the stage hands to pray with me before my performance. We prayed that the event be one that lifts up Christs name and ultimately directs people to his love for them. I learned later that this was the first time he has ever prayed with another person. I also discovered that his father had been praying that his sons heart would open to the love of Christ for quite some time.

#7: Over 63 Reports of people giving their lives to the love of Christ during the entire event.

#8: The church I was asked to attend had a family that learned I was sleeping in a truck and offered their home to me. We spent the next night singing songs in their home and they even fed me an amazing breakfast. So much better than a hand full of cherio’s and sleep in the back seat. Thank you Olsen Family. This was not an answer to prayer so to speak but was an awesome blessing to receive when on the road.

#9: I had the opportunity to speak with teens for an hour sharing my testimony of faith. I received a report later from the pastor. A girl from that group who never talks or asks questions was inspired by this and would not stop talking and asking about what it really means to be loved by Christ. Another heart Softened for the lord!

#10: A booking agent asked to travel with me to Nashville on the way home. I agreed and they spent time with me at a Venue in Kansas City. The venue had just begun reviving the outreach back and was having trouble finding bands…needeless to say they now have a great contact to help out.

#11: Another person offered their home in Kansas City. Upon arrival a man their opened his heart about some of his struggles with his faith and we were able to engage in great fellowship on this topic.

#12: Talking with other bands they affirmed they had similar experiences and blessings the past few days including one band having a total vehicle break down and someone they had just met literally gave them a vehicle to use for the rest of the tour and beyond. That was a huge and immediate answer to prayer for them.

#13: The realization that this was just the start. To know that all the people’s lives that were touched will begin to make an impact in the lives they encounter daily. This is where real love, community and Gods working begins.

So what was the Shocking News from behind the scenes of so-called “Christian Music?” First let me say there is no such thing as Christian Music, actually it’s the only Genre of Music that is defined by its lyrical content rather than the style of Music.

Whats shocking is most of the “Christian” Musicians out there are not looking to become famous or make it big. While that would be fun and help the ministry grow, the ultimate goal of most Christian Artists is to see God move the way it did on this trip. To see an impact simply by being obedient to his calling, not by being perfect or great.   Christian Musicians see their lives as ambassadors for the Lord Jesus Christ cleverly disguised as artists.

The most shocking thing of all, this blog received more hits and views than any other post I have written to date and usually only “Christians” are reading it. Whats shocking is most of us want to learn the dirty little secrets of those around us rather than building each other up or learning how we can make our lives and the lives of those around us better. We are exposed to so much negative media that it has become normal to desire exposing the negatives in other people’s lives and forget that we are just as broken and need forgiveness as well. I’m guilty of this to, finding my self intrigued by the failures or mistakes of others in hopes of making my self feel better or less of a sinner. This is misguided thinking. So I encourage you… focus on the positive elements in other people’s lives and build each other up. Lets collectively stop searching for the bad in everyone and begin encouraging and lifting up the positive elements in our neighbors lives.

Imagine a community of people focusing on the positive encouragement of others and being thankful for the good things in their life.  Now that would be a shocking change I’m willing to be a part of.  Are you?

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Shocking News from behind the scenes of so called “Christian Music” – Part One

2015-06-16 19.11.33

Shocking News from behind the scenes of so called Christian Music – Part One

This week was another Eye Opening experience about so called “Christian Music”.   In this Blog you will hear all the behind the scene events that happen when no one is looking.  The things most of us don’t talk about.  All the crazy stuff most in the world don’t want you to know but should.  I feel it’s important to share this information so as to expose the shocking truth about this industry.

My week started out with a training conference named Immerse at Lifeway Resources in Nashville. I was greeted with smiles and very helpful people who gave me a colorful packet and shuffled me off to the main auditorium. Here we began the day with prayer, a very powerful worship experience and an inspired Speaker.  Then the classes began with everything from What is Worship, What the Bible Says About Worship Leading, Worship vs Performance, Etc.   All designed to help us understand and improve upon our lives and craft. For all purposes it was a very insight full and fabulous experience which continued for 3 days. I heard testiomony, music and teaching from people like Kari Jobe, Sanctus Real, Unspoken, Jimmy Needham, Tom Jackson, Colton Dixon, Chris August, CMG, BMI, Nik Ripken…the list goes on , and on. The Gospel Music Association really pulled out all the stops. I met exsiting friends and even made a few new ones.   Refreshed and chuck full of knowledge I was ready to hit the road with a revived sense of calling but nothing could prepare me for what would happen the days that followed.

I hit the road with my first stop being the largest Christian Festival in Iowa called Bash On The Farm in Forest City. When I arrived I was greated nicely, handed my packet and instructed on what the next two days will bring. 3 Stages and I would be performing on the Main Stage. The same stage that Cloverton, Loft Land and Seventh Day Slumber would be performing on. I thought this was pretty cool as I have never seen them perform live and my Merch Table would be right in line with the Stage. I was not going to miss a thing.   I set up my table and the day began. 100s of people came over to buy CD’s or just say hello. One girl asked me to draw a picture for her, another just wanted to tell me about his truck while other people would just smile, nod and go on there way.  Then it happened and it surprised me as much as anyone.

Stay tuned for part 2

Jesus sure, Grace….whats that?

Actions speak louder than words.

It’s been said that many have never heard of Jesus even in the United States.  I disagree with this completely.  I have yet to meet someone in this country that has not heard His name.  Even more, just the name creates an emotional response or silence from anyone.  It brings joy, anger or makes the room very uncomfortable at the least.  There is power in the name Jesus.

However what I find is that people have not heard about grace, love, forgiveness and acceptance through Jesus.  Most people hear Jesus and have a preconceived idea of stuffy church goers, unattainable perfection, condemnation and overall turned off by the idea because of Human actions.

Instead of telling someone they need Jesus (all be it true), instead love them and demonstrate Christ’s forgiveness and acceptance first.  Don’t shove the dove…be the dove, be the Gospel and demonstrate through your Actions who Jesus is.  This will always invoke the natural question…why are you so kind?   It’s then the name of Jesus will be seen as love and not condemnation.  It’s then that hearts open to the Gospel.