Dominick Cox – Founder

Originally from the Catskills and Adirondacks of New York,  Music was a big part of his life as a teen, however it took a back burner once he joined the military.  After a successful military tour and working in the civilian world for a time, Dominick felt a calling to lead and inspire others to put their faith in action through the DRIVEN11 ministry and so began the journey. Dominick became a Nashville recording artist and his music is heard across the globe.

Helping others grow and than watching those same people positively affecting those around them is what excites Dominick. Even though the medium changes from music, speaking, writing or teaching the mission remains the same.   To lead and teach those with in his trapezoid of influence so that they can be successful in their relationships, vocation and ministries.  This mission has allowed him to be a part of some great organizations and leadership roles.  He is humbled at all the opportunities offered to him through the years and he looks forward to what God has in store for DRIVEN11.

When Dominick is not wearing his performance hat you will find him working with church leaders, business owners and their teams.  Developing practical solutions to many of the challenges that arise in these vocations and ministries.  Most of all he enjoys investing time with his wife Julie and 3 children.

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Edward Cox
Edward Cox – Media, Stage/Event Manager, Marketing Specialist 

Edward is your standard run of the mill kind of guy.  Okay seriously though nothing about this man is run of the mill.  His heart and enthusiasm make him an amazing motivator to those he encounters.  Edward is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology and an original founder of the integrated production studio Visual Goodness located in the heart of New York City.  For fun he is also an awesome PyroTechnician :-)! With a passion for the creative and a drive to inspire, Edward is an important piece to the team.  He is focused on the mission to inspire faith in action through quality media and ensures each event he shepherds is running smooth.

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